RJDG | A Psychotic Trading Session So Far For RJD Green

RJDG Stock, RJDG Stock Quote, RJD Green Inc., Silex Holdings Inc., Zahoor AhmadTesting new pump lows, the penny stock of RJD Green, Inc. (RJDG) is bouncing around today like a cat with it’s tail on fire. On news from Company CEO, Rex Washburn, discussing what we mentioned when we said to avoid RJDG stock last week, details of the newly acquired Silex Holdings Inc. business model and its fit in the Company’s focus in green services and products has had one effect: negative. Despite (or perhaps because of) the efforts of a “farm-out” campaign to keep the POS alive, traders are seriously working to make a $1 today before the bottom drops out completely.

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Market Cap: 72.34M
Last: 0.172 ▼ -0.027 (-13.57%)
Volume: 7,896,272
Dollar Volume: $1,549,157
Open: 0.202
High: 0.25
Low: 0.135
Trades: 1,219

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Psycho and Circle got called upon to help TBX out with their awareness campaign of RJD Green’s RJDG stock. The first 1.2 million shares traded were all in the green as the share price tocuhed the sky, 0.25, bringing it back to the original open price from day one, June 5th.

However, if you aren’t familiar with what happens when Psycho issues an alert, shares of RJDG stock peaked within the first 30 minutes of trading before crashing, dropping 0.115 in the process to 0.135 before bouncing back. The “dead cat” bounce brought back a slew of trades which allowed the bottom-feeders a chance to cash out for gains worth roughly 50% before the 2nd crash.

Washburn’s statement within the PR issued this morning is open for interpretation for anyone who has traded a TBX play in the past. “Our focus is to create an attractive net profit derived from $30,000,000 in Revenues per year, or greater, over the next three year period. We will achieve this goal through controlled internal growth within our existing divisions, and through additional planned acquisitions. We will elaborate on each of the divisions mentioned here in the near future.”

The statement could also be read as: ” Our focus is to dump as many shares as possible today to generate as much as $3,000,000 in total revenues since we began dumping RJDG stock over the last 3 trading sessions. We will achieve this goal by hiring the guys with the biggest “suckers” list and through additional planned “farm out” campaigning. We will elaborate on each “farm-out” when the “bounce alerts” hot your inboxes tomorrow and in the near future.”

About RJDG Stock

RJD Green, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Silex Holdings, Inc., is focused on acquiring and managing high growth assets and business enterprise with a primary focus in oil & gas property development and green environmental services.

Click here to view the SEC filings for RJDG.
Click here to view the website for Silex Holdings.

RJDG Trading History:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/07/13 0.1990 +0.0060 +3.11% 2,723,400
06/06/13 0.1930 +0.0130 +7.22% 3,385,900
06/05/13 0.1800 +0.0800 +80.00% 11,820,899
05/30/13 0.1000 +0.0500 +100.00% 5,000


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Bottom Line:

We told you that connection to Zahoor Ahmad would not be a good thing for this penny stock on day one and look at what RJDG stock has done – nothing but dilute and dump. Keeping RJDG stock on the watch list is strictly for professional traders who have experience playing such volatile, intra-day bounce plays on dying pump which is sure to gap-down on Tuesday.

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