RJDG | RJD Green Stock Looks To Run, Jump, Dump & Grin

RJDG Stock, RJDG Stock Quote, RJD Green Inc., Silex Holdings Inc., Zahoor AhmadGetting in front of the Bull Exchange’s newest penny stock pick, RJD Green, Inc. (OTC: RJDG), was something no one was able to do, making arena level for all traders hoping to grab some horns. Purchasing all the shares of Silex Holdings, Inc. so that their was some substance behind RJDG stock, traders getting in are praying this won’t be a typical TBX play which dumps midway through day two. The subliminal “green” is printed, but with Zahoor Ahmad stepping down upon the acquisition, the memories of Primco Management Inc. (PMCM), aka Eat Sleep Media are coming back to haunt any chances of success.

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Market Cap:
Last: 0.223 ▲ +0.123 (+123.00%)
Volume: 7,060,831
Dollar Volume: $1,418,751
Open: 0.25
High: 0.25
Low: 0.11
Trades: 614
Authorized: 750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 37,750,000

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In what looks like it was set up with a couple of straws and napkins leftover from some visits to the local drive-thru, RJD Green, founded in 2009 by Robert Kepe, was originally set on allowing for consumers, builders, and contractors can find sources of sustainable building contractors, materials, and other “green” product providers. With the recent acquisition of Silex Holdings, the focus has now shifted to one of the hottest sectors in the market: oil & gas.

In a 1994 version of a website, Silex Holdings claims to operate in 3 separate divisions:

• Energy – (set to begin later in 2013) a proprietary waste oil recovery process has been procured as the Company’s first project to redevelop.
• Environmental Services – (set to launch later in 2013) a proven, patented technology for commercial meat farms that eliminates animal waste returning usable ground water to the farm, and we have launched a green industrial coatings service that offers both structural integrity and elongated life usage.
• Silex Interiors – (set to launch in late 2014) a manufacturer, distributor, and installation service for specialty building materials for kitchen and bath needs for residential and commercial contractors, as well as direct sales to the retail in multiple regional locations.

The kicker is that, with Robert Kepe founding this POS and Zahoor Ahmad having stepped down as the sole officer so that Ronald Brewer and Jerry Niblett can run the front office, there is no chance that RJDG stays clean enough to stay green before the “greed” button is pushed.

The blatant connection of Ahmad’s PMCM gives very little confidence that RJDG stock will run for very long, if at all. TBX has been known for some pretty horrible promos as of recent and RJDG stock is unlikely going to pull them above the “Mendoza line.”

About RJDG Stock

Click here to view the SEC filings for RJDG.
RJD Green, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Silex Holdings, Inc., is focused on acquiring and managing high growth assets and business enterprise with a primary focus in oil & gas property development and green environmental services.

Click here to view the website for Silex Holdings.

RJDG Trading History:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/30/13 0.1000 +0.0500 +100.00% 5,000
03/11/13 0.0500 unch unch 4,000


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Bottom Line:

RJDG is a penny stock worth waitng for the dip which is undoubtedly sure to come later on today and most definitely tomorrow. Even with such a small share structure, seeing RJDG stock trade above 0.35 will be as likely as the Miami Marlins going undefeated for the remainder of the 2013 MLB season.

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