Well Power Inc. (WPWR) Looks Pretty Awesome So Far

WPWR Stock, StockTips, Well Power Inc., If it wasn’t for the “Pot Revolution” that has hacked the stock market, the penny stock of Well Power, Inc. (WPWR) would have likely led the OTC today on it’s “day 1” journey into the inflated zone. Trading much like every single successful pump and dump the deceased Awesome Penny Stocks used to promote, WPWR stock came out like a banshee, rising to as high as 0.45 in the first half hour of trading before settling down to trade flat for the remainder of the session. Having yet to put out any form of official news about their “flare gas” solution to America’s oil exploration, pre-market news and a minimal pull back would indicate that a new APS has made its presence known.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
HEMP 0.135 -26.23% 33,845,958 224,574,371 13,225
FITX 0.1068 +20.27% 21,600,728 213,030,043 7,710
ERBB 0.0206 -9.25% 13,912,285 508,583,413 6,463
CBIS 0.177 -20.27% 10,232,903 53,883,149 5,635
PHOT 0.331 -3.78% 13,659,257 39,077,014 5,009
LATF 0.0078 +6.85% 11,814,786 1,350,838,768 4,746
MJNA 0.30 -5.66% 8,010,132 26,596,986 3,379
WPWR 0.325 +490.91% 9,786,111 34,008,503 3,332
STBV 0.0055 +71.88% 3,130,648 469,766,708 1,882
DEWM 0.0041 -14.58% 2,255,313 456,761,658 1,796

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Back in the day when APS used to drop their alerts after the market opened, picks like North Springs Resources (NSRS), Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) (Now Pharmagen, Inc. (PHRX)) and even Great Wall Builders (GWBU), $50 million in dollar volume, thanks mostly to some cross trading assistance from their P.I.C., Wilson Davis Co. (WDCO) , was the benchmark for day one of a good pump. Although Well Power Inc.’s WPWR stock fell far short of that number, it’s a new era now and getting the entire float into the hands of your favorite market maker is no longer the way to play the game.

Unfortunately, this new, post-APS era also has some new players in the game as well. There are a couple of websites out there that offer paid subscriptions to get the same information which anyone can discover on their own if they have the time to do so. One such website sent out their “Home Run” trot email about how it was their subscribers who were buying up all of the WPWR shares on Friday when the stock was tanked to the .06’s at the very end of the day.

Another one went on to put out an after-market email about how those involved with WPWR stock are basically going to have egg on their faces for buying into the hype that is StockTips. The connection between these two peas in a pod is that they are both suspected in the trading community of biting the hand that feeds them. How do you think paid subscribers are going to react if their money gets frozen?


In any case, pot stocks were bipolar today with some of them needing Depends (HEMP, CBIS & DEWM) while others like FITX (called that bitch a buy several times) and STBV, although it did give away it’s early morning gains, proving to still be powerhouses. Missing the top 10 traded cut were FastFunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) and Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL), both of which should see their momentum continue into Tuesday.

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About WPWR Stock

Well Power, Inc. is a development stage company which recently acquired an exclusive license to access a mobile and scalable Wellhead Micro-Refinery Units (MRUs) deployable close to the wellhead to process raw natural gas into liquid fuels and clean power.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WPWR.
Click here to view the website for Well Power.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/10/14 0.1999 0.4500 0.1999 0.3250 +0.2700 +490.91% 34,008,500
02/07/14 0.1010 0.1800 0.0500 0.0550 -0.0460 -45.54% 9,160,700
02/06/14 0.1490 0.1490 0.1000 0.1010 -0.0590 36.87% 26,000
02/05/14 0.1900 0.2100 0.0900 0.1600 -0.0300 -15.79% 823,200
02/04/14 0.2000 0.2080 0.1900 0.1900 -0.0150 -7.32% 26,500


Bottom Line:

Fr obvious reasons, WPWR remains the best penny stock to watch for the time being. Expecting to see a slight pull back in early trading on Tuesday, if WPWR stock can mimic the pattern of StockTips’ last pick, TGRO, then exits doors should start seeing some bottlenecking as $1 approaches.

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