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SDSS Stock, SDSS scamShares in the #2Flusher, Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS), had their penny stock subject to today’s fake Awesome Penny Stocks alert. Issued by HotOtc in what appeared to be a legit stock alert, SDSS shares caught the pants down of some greedy traders jumping in with a couple thousand bucks just in case it was the real deal. Hate to break it to you, but your kidding yourself if you think this stock, which has been around the block more than Jenny, is “the pick.”

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SDSS, SDSS scamSDSS Stock Chart

Last 0.0389, up 0.0218 (127.49%)
Volume: 9,842,668
Dollar volume: $308,481
Open 0.0195
Previous Close: 0.0171
Trades: 446
Average Trade Size: 22,241

First of all, Gil Boosidan, Chief Executive Officer of Suspect Detection Systems Inc. filed a 15-12G on March 30th to terminate the securities’ registration. Meaning they no longer file with the SEC. You fell for it again like with VLNX if you think the big boyz, who I am seriously doubting even exist anymore, would send on a pinksheets listed security. Nothing wrong with pinksheets stocks, just its not their type of stock.

Secondly, as of June 30th, there are only 82,630,892 shares outstanding, 51,578,978 in the float, and, more importantly, only 250,000,000 authorized shares. Haven’t any of you seen the APS facilities? They have thousand dollar bills for napkins in the lunch-break room and melt down quarters to be used for  thumbtacks and staples.

Thirdly, this is not some APS update center so either come out of the shadows and send out your pick or whoever bought the APS sites when they switched over from Centro Azteca S.A. to DeGroupa Tenner Morales Media just come out and say it. You could never be as intelligent a promoter or have the ability to layer a stock so eloquently that the shares supported themselves so, at least take some credit in public because your failed attempts at copying the magic APS can create is pitiful.

You had VLNX which is the model of a miniature violin made in Indonesia, HSTC which is focused on late-stage cancer, SDSS which is an anti-counterfeiting company, so next is either a prison or a cosmetic surgery company so that they keep in tune with the theme.

About SDSS Stock

Suspect Detection Systems Inc. is a leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and mass–serialization technologies, provides turnkey security solutions to corporations, governments, and financial institutions around the world. Our custom security programs are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit, theft, and other costly and damaging occurrences. From risk analysis and vulnerability assessment, to systems integration and monitoring, DSS offers the advanced tools and knowledge base needed to protect the world’s most valuable and at-risk brands.

How ironic is that.

Bottom Line: The penny stock spamming, copying APS and their affiliate sites is getting ridiculous already. HSTC yesterday, SDSS and someone copied me an APS alert on GROV, again with the Centro Azteca S.A. disclaimer. Watch the next “fake” alert will be Reven Housing REIT Inc. (RVEN), formerly known as Bureau of Fugitive Recovery Inc. (BRFG). See the irony?

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