SEFElectric (SEFE) Takes the Top Hot Penny Stock Position

Stock Alert: As we watch the sunset on Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK), SEFElectric (OTC: SEFE) takes the position of the top penny stocks in the trading chain. LiquidMetal Technologies (LQMT) is charging to start the week despite a negative write up at the Fool over the weekend while those investing in the penny stock of MusclePharm (MSLP) went from hot to cold after they announced fantastic 2012 financial projections while PolyMedix (PYMX) saw their top 5 penny stocks listing end up in the red after announcing positive results from their phase II ABSSSI study.

Looking back at these top 5 penny stocks, we notified readers about Sunpeaks Ventures when it was just 43 cents and how to trade the stock without losing. At its peak, SNPK would have brought in a whopping 458% profit. SEFElectric is another one that is gonna run for a while that we first made readers aware of when SEFE was just $1.05; a 119% gain so far.

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Top 10 Hot Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Close Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SEFE 2.30 +31.43% 32,257,414 16,073,099 5,344
LQMT 0.565 +37.80% 13,837,357 25,362,365 4,411
SNPK 1.22 +2.52% 14,160,322 11,435,055 3,391
MSLP 0.022 -7.95% 3,516,693 149,765,978 2,126
PYMX 0.85 -24.11% 3,571,798 3,663,946 1,106
AAMRQ 0.562 +1.63% 1,818,251 3,218,765 825
LUXR 1.14 +14.00% 1,773,204 1,659,808 791
OREO 1.30 -9.09% 1,786,695 1,393,129 687
RSRS 0.96 -7.69% 991,070 960,199 504
COIN 0.0124 -22.98% 432,166 32,820,558 497
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Of list of hot penny stocks above, only two of them are actually generating sustainable top line numbers required to survive: MusclePharm and AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines. Sunpeaks Ventures multiple announcements of product launching into OTC marketplaces for their Clotamin product has been a spectacle similar to the gold discovery process that North Springs Resources CEO, Harry Lappa, announced on an almost daily basis before the stock pump ended. Savvy penny stockers would have to see that after today’s Amazon announcement, what more can they do to pump Clotamin before the dump is in full effect.

SEFElectric has a sexy story to it with some sizzle as does Digidev. Both of these have some real money behind them and a strong history of being able to maximize shareholder value. Digidev hasn’t taken off yet as it is still in its development stage, where as internet infomercials have been streaming for little more than a month already on SEFE which comes to market just in time for the end of SNPK.

The announcement today to take on the name Digidev and change their trading symbol for their penny stock after Regency Resources, RSRS, completes its merger only solidifies the concept that Digidev is in its early stage promo period and “dollars for donuts,” RSRS will be the LEXG of 2012 where SEFE will be the RAYS.

Bottom Line: If they aren’t already there, add SEFE, RSRS, MSLP and LUXR to your list of hot penny stocks to watch. SNPK is done. Yeah, you could see it run for another couple of weeks but you would be better off catching lightning in a bottle with one of the four listed or a daily promo than risking money in SNPK.


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