Should You Buy NeuroSync Or Mind Solutions (VOIS) Stock?

The mind is a powerful machine and Mind Solutions Inc. (OTCQB : VOIS), creators of NeuroSync, the world’s smallest Brain-Computer-Interface, could soon begin to reap rewards for those willing to keep track of this.  After years of working with the most advanced electronics manufacturing companies to develop the most advanced EEG headset on the market, the product was launched on last week and is already receiving rave reviews.  Although there are billions of reasons why VOIS stock will have a tough time climbing out of subpenny land, the trading activity last week indicates that future announcements could become catalysts worth participation, even if its just for profits to get a free headset for all those on your Christmas buy list.

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Mind Solutions is a developoment stage company that has successfully developed software applications that run on Emotive EEG headsets.  After completion of their prototype which was successfully tested on several Android devices and tablets, the now available on Amazon BCI headset allows users to operate thought-controlled applications on their mobile phone devices and traditional PC computers by reading the user’s brainwaves.

Last week, on Thursday, the Company announced that it had received the completed units of NeuroSync from their manufacturer and had begun shipping the world’s smallest brain-computer-interface to customers.  With a retail price featured on of just $129, the holiday season could place the product among the top-selling wearable electronic gadgets and be a huge relief for those invested in VOIS stock.

Having been without any significant revenues since their inception, Mind Solutions has been relying on debt sales which, when converted into VOIS shares, has been an awful experience for those long on it.  Although the June 30, 2015 Q filing is still late as of now, the March 31 Q shows just how damaging the debt conversions have been and still will be.  Among the last reported list of debt holders, JMJ Financial, LLC, LG Capital Funding LLC, Iconic Holdings, and KBM Worldwide, Inc., some of the usual suspects when it comes to toxic debt, are all due to be able to convert.

In July, the Company did increase their authorized shares from 5,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000 and, during the first quarter of 2015, reduced their toxic debt from $451,728 to $286,861.  This increase in AS, the third since going from 1,000,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 and then 3,000,000,000 to 5,000,000,000, should not only be the last increase, but should probably be followed with a reverse split announcement at some point next year.

As for trading, VOIS stock hasn’t seen the huge volume session one would expect from having such a large amount of outstanding shares.  Between Thursday and Friday, the two days since the product availability news was released, less than 110,000,000 shares, less than $160,000, traded.  Compare that data to April 30 when 290,619,500 shares, $682,956, traded after Mind Solutions announced the signing of a Master Distribution Agreement for retail sales on throughout the United States and India and one can see that there is potential for a “pop” if a future announcement has some real juice to it.

Worn on the ear like a Bluetooth cellular device, NeuroSync receives electrical signals produced by the brain through the inner ear canal that are then sent to the user’s smart phone or computer to control up to 2 separate actions.  Who knows, in a couple of years, this could be the way we communicate with our devices.  For now though, news is what’s going to allow for opportunities to flip VOIS stock for a chance to buy one of the gadgets for the 5 persons on their Christmas shopping list.

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