VOIS | Can The Power Of The Mind Push VOIS Stock Up?

VOIS Inc., VOIS stock, Mind Solutions, Inc.Did you ever see how some people can bend a spoon using just their mind? Well, those things could become reality if you believe in the technology that is set to push the penny stock of VOIS, Inc. (OTC:VOIS). Their new acquisition of Mind Solutions Inc. which allows you to do certain actions just by using the power of your brain waves is about as high tech as you could get. What was once just a dream seems to be as easy as “tic-tac-toe” now and a good reason for VOIS stock to be watched closely next week and beyond.

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Market Cap: 16.77M
Close: 0.069 -0.006 (-8.00%)
Volume: 1,996,382
Dollar Volume: $160,668
High: 0.089
Low: 0.069
Trades: 97
Average Trade Size: 20,581
Authorized: 1,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding:

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Until the acquisition of Mind Solutions, VOIS was a social commerce website where people were supposed to be able to easily find and do business with buyers and sellers of on-demand work or manufacturing around the world. The problem was, the plan didn’t work. They had just $532 in cash as of June 30, 2012 and had generated all of $36,139 in revenues since May 19,2000. What they were able to generate were legal cases over the last few years, one of which they filed for repeated systematic scheme to defraud VOIS Inc. by continuing to restructure the promissory notes while they were members of the prior BoD at such excessive and usurious interest rates that the defendants, Edward Spindel and Michael Spindel, violated their fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

That, however was then. Now, the Company is going to be operating as their newly acquired entity, Mind Solutions Inc. The technology is beyond mind blowing. They develop software and hardware for thought controlled technologies, allowing the user to interact with the computer and other machines through the power of the mind. VOIS acquired the Company by issuing 196,000,000 shares for it. Now they need the cash so they registered 45,000,000 shares under their 2009 employee benefit plan since only 20,406,045 were issued and outstanding as of August 9, 2012.

Imagine — “I want this penny stock to go up” and shabang! Because you were willing to pony up the money for the state of the art, neuro-signal acquisition and processing  wireless neuroheadset, the EEG headset, you are in control now, with your mind, the power to move things on your PC and soon on your mobile when they offer it on their website. The headset is one of those must have technologies, kinda like that Swiss army knife you had to have and have no idea which assorted drawer or box you put it in.

About VOIS Stock

VOIS Inc. recently acquired Mind Solutions, Inc., developers of  software and hardware for thought controlled technologies. Click here to view the SEC filings for VOIS.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/14/12 0.0690 -0.0060 -8.00% 1,996,300
12/13/12 0.0750 +0.0050 +7.14% 1,151,800
12/12/12 0.0700 +0.0050 +7.69% 1,236,200
12/11/12 0.0650 +0.0050 +8.33% 10,000
12/05/12 0.0600 unch unch 10,000

Bottom Line: The recently issued employee shares is an immediate reason to have VOIS on your list of penny stocks to watch next week and beyond for some action. Ironically, VOIS stock has a direct connection with another penny stock that many traders are already aware of, IWEB. That said, 0.10 maybe, but don’t expect to see this mind blowing technology push the share price anywhere above 0.15 without some serious awareness behind it.

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