Sneak Attack: Don’t Be Chicken of Global Green’s GOGC Stock

A month ago, Global Green, Inc. (OTC: GOGC) received the final report on their patented vaccine, Salmogenics, to protect poultry from Salmonella bacteria. GOGC stock price has risen 150% since it began trading on Wednesday with around 600 thousand total shares traded. Get GOGC stock at $0.50 on your list of penny stocks to watch immediately.  Global Green is seeking, although its a long way from receiving, USDA approval for Salmogenics.

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GOGC Stock Chart

Market Cap: 372.88M
Shares Outstanding: 745.76M
Insider’s Shares: 664.72M
Float: 81.04M
Shares Authorized: 3.00B

For all intents and purposes, Global Green Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nutritional Health Institute Laboratories, LLC (NHIL), a Florida Limited Liability Company. Together, Dr. Mehran P. Ghazvini, DC, NMD and Dr. Rene M. Reed, DC, NMD, through direct and indirect ownership, are the majority shareholders of NHIL, the majority shareholder of GOGC. Dr. Mehran P. Ghazvini, DC, NMD owns approximately 50% of NHIL indirectly through family trusts. Dr. Rene M. Reed, DC, NMD owns approximately 16.66%  of  NHIL indirectly through family trusts.

As such, they are the beneficial holders of the 664,717,057 GOGC shares held by NHIL, the Insider’s Shares.


Global Green’s Salmogenics Vaccine is in the fourth and final phase required for USDA approval according to Company Chairman and CEO Dr. Mehran Ghazvini. The GOGC Salmogenics Salmonella vaccine is injected directly into the egg, before the chick is hatched, improving the immune system, health and welfare of the chicken. Salmogenics therefore reduces levels of Salmonella in the flock and reduces the risk of Salmonella contamination in the processing plant. Translation: You won’t get sick.

The Company will need an estimated $1.895 million to be able to meet all the testing the USDA will require before bringing Salmogenics to market. The Company had $81,295 in cash, no revenues and operating expenses of just $28,016 for the period ended March 31, 2012.  The bad news is they don’t have the money to pursue USDA testing at this point in time. The good news is they have a positive final report of their Salmogenics testing before approaching the final stage and a ton of stock that can be sold to fund that testing.

About Global Green Inc.

Global Green, Inc. introduces Salmogenics™, a new patented vaccine to help combat the dangerous effects that Salmonella bacteria produce in animals and human beings. Worldwide, between 200 million to 1.3 billion people are sickened annually with Salmonella. Two to three million of these infections result in death. Global Green, upon receiving USDA approval, plans to manufacture, market and sell the Salmogenics vaccine to the poultry industry.

To view the SEC filings for GOGC, click here or visit their Investor relations page at

Bottom Line: If Global Green Inc. doesn’t over dilute the insider’s shares or issues new shares from the 3 Billion authorized, GOGC could become a hot penny stock. With that being said, the company issued a 424B2 on May 9th for the sale of 147,516,080 GOGC shares owned by selling shareholders at $0.25. For now, GOGC is fresh and new and not subject to any promo pump which should allow market momentum to control it. It looks good and I love chicken.

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