Spam Alerts Said To Be Out On Agora Holdings Inc. (AGHI)

geegleEveryone in the investment community knows by now that when Google. Inc. reported their earnings Friday, shares exploded and some options traders who timed their calls right made millions.  OTC traders are now being told they have that same chance based on some spam alerts going out as to why Agora Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: AGHI) is the ticker to buy in hopes that the catchy name, Geegle Media, will influence dumb money to get involved.  Sure, YouTube viewers have increased their viewing time to an average of 40 minutes per visit, as was reported Friday in Google’s report, but to think that AGHI stock can run for even that long would be a mistake only slightly less damaging than the virus that captured a global audience nearly 10 years ago.


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The story with Geegle Media and Agora Holdings stems back to the late 90’s, but for what matters now about AGHI stock, it all began less than a month ago, June 23, when the Company filed their “Information and Disclosure” statement with  The meat of the details comes from September, 2014 when the Company entered into and completed a share exchange agreement with Danail Terziev for a total 70,000,000 shares of AGHI shares and $150,000 to acquire Geegle.

Within the 8 page report, it states that 120,036,702 shares of AGHI were issued and outstanding, making the float 50,036,702 (the shares that Daniel doesn’t own).  However, prior to doing the deal for Geegle Media, the company tried to acquire 6777770 BC Ltd., aka Sunbeam, for 250,000,000 shares and another 50,000,000 preferred shares.  When the deal went south, the all the shares, including the preferred ones, were returned to escrow.

Geegle is in the business of software development, specializing in web, media and lpTV applications as well as operating support billing software for VOIP telephony.  Does that matter?  No, but it’s worth noting that Geegle claims to have begun generating revenue by the sales of its services in its first year of operations and reported gross revenues of $35,355 and $33,859, respectively, in its most recently completed fiscal years ended December 31, 2014 and 2013.

Despite the deal for Geegle Media having gone down in September, 2014, press releases began being issued just recently, on July 10.  Highlights of the news focused on how Argo Holdings retained Teso Corporate Communications for their PR/IR services, the development and launching of Geegle.TV, a partnership with high schools in the Ontario, Canada region for the service, and, on Friday, software integration with YouTube

So far, AGHI would appear to be as safe or risky as any other ticker out there on the OTC.  The problem is that, last night, reports were flying around how spam alerts were being received in various inboxes touting AG_HI or AGH_I in order to avoid any unforeseen filters negating the delivery of such a tremendous opportunity.  If the deal is worthy of traders buying shares, why the spam alerts?

From the look of the last 10 days of trading, it doesn’t seem that there is much interest in AGHI stock as of yet.  Now that there’s a chance some received alerts on the hyphenated stock symbol, perhaps a move in either direction will better indicate whether Geegle’s AGHI is worth watching or not.


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