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Action-AlertFinding the best penny stocks to buy is simple if you have the will the search endlessly for that breaking bit of information that allows you to get in ahead of the crowds.  We here at AimHighProfits have that will and, in an effort to eliminate being paid to send out alerts on penny stocks that just dump onto buyers, the first alert we’re going with is Electronic Control Security, Inc. (OTC PINK: EKCS).  With their long awaited filings hitting the OTC Market shortly after the close on Tuesday and some meaty details about why EKCS stock is a sure winner, alerts were sent out and the 189% gains on day one look to be just the beginning.

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(LINK TO EKCS ALERT) A quick EKCS layout so you can get in quick:

  • 30.00M Shares Authorized
  • 16.36M Shares Issued & Outstanding
  • 8.574M Shares Held By Directors & Officers

EKCS has a 38+ year track record in providing “turnkey” security systems for U.S. Government facilities and is a major player in America’s fight against terrorism.

Besides having $0 toxic debt , EKCS designs, develops, manufactures and markets stand-alone and fully integrated state-of-the-art entry control and perimeter intrusion detection systems for Department of Defense, Department of Energy, nuclear power stations, and various international customers.

EKCS also offers U.S. Air Force certified technology and a comprehensive services portfolio that includes: site survey/risk assessment, design & engineering, systems manufacturing and integration, factory acceptance testing, installation supervision, commissioning, operations and maintenance training.

So, quickly, a virgin ticker, updated filings, one of the lowest AS/OS structures you will find, half of which is owned by insiders, and it’s almost under a penny.  Here’s the icing on the cake…

During fiscal 2012, 2013 and 2014, EKCS submitted proposals on projects for Department of Defense facilities and certain nuclear power stations in the United States and Southeast Asia valued at approximately $182.75M.  Of these, other bidders were awarded $16 million and EKCS was awarded, as the prime contractor and as a subcontractor, contracts with an approximate value of $35M over five years.

EKCS CEO addressed this right after the filings landed in a press release which states a) why EKCS went dark on the OTC and b) that $7.1M in backlog “Bid to Build” orders are due to be received.

Note: Ladies and Gentlemen, during the past year plus of paid deals doing nothing to offer a huge slice of the pie for subscribers, the change in our business model to provide winning picks like EKCS has been long overdue.

Get EKCS on your screen and trade this low float, low OS, highly anticipated virginticker on your screens and #MakeThatMoney!

Electronic Control Security Inc.(EKCS)
Address: 790 Bloomfield Ave., Building C-1, Clifton, NJ 07012
Telephone: Daryl Holcomb: (973) 574-8555

President and CEO of EKCS, Arthur Barchenko, addressed shareholders publicly, but only via an uploaded letter (as mentioned above) about why “going dark” in September, 2014 was for the best interest of shareholders.  Millions in government contracts were applied for and awarded to the Company which Barchenko said the current product backlog and their Bid to Build proposals amount to $7,103,000 – all of which are expected to close in the first and second quarters of 2016.

Besides the updated transparency, history of being a major player with the US DoD, and having a shares structure to die for, the closing comment by Barchenko that periodic news releases on the progress in closing outstanding proposals and delivering on their contracts is key.  Being August, the slowest month on the markets, those who got in EKCS under 0.03 will be laughing all the way to the bank when shares are trading at or above where they should be – in the teens to twenties.

Find out more about EKCS shares here: $EKCS


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