Call The Plumber: Great Wall Builders Ltd (GWBU) Is Dumping

The penny stock constipation is over and the ExLax has begun to work its charm. Shares in the POS Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) stock have begun the release the pressure and “DUMP!” From a HOD of $1.95, shares in GWBU stock have already dropped 30 cents down to $1.65 and are not even close to releasing that first bit of back splatter on the bowl of portfolios for all those who did not heed to the warning signs.

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GWBU Stock Chart

If you bought GWBU anytime in the last week and are still holding the stock, you’re an idiot. The typical M.O. of the APS group is to dip the price drastically and then support it getting top-level buyers of the penny stock to buy more to attempt to average down.

Just an hour ago, around lunch time, those turds from APS sent emails to everyone stating:

GWBU has over 200 million dollars worth of revenue coming in potentially over the next 60 months! If that’s not enough to get Wallstreet’s undivided attention we don’t know what is!

GWBU JUST announced the final signing of a 120 million euro contract with Coopsette for distribution of the FEED system in Africa! It’s now a done DEAL!

GWBU is still under 2 bucks and we intend to BUY up to 5 million shares of GWBU at under 2 bucks and hold until it hits around $10

We are so confident in GWBU that we will say this again: We WILL retire as the top free newsletter in the world and issue a public apology if GWBU doesn’t break $2 + soon!

The next few minutes could be the last time you can BUY GWBU for under 2 bucks!

If you want to play the APS group of pump and dumps, take what you can get out of GWBU and start watching Georgetown Corporation (OTC: GTCP) which is undoubtedly being readied to be the next chapter of how APS robs people of their money.

Bottom Line: The dump is on and the list of the top penny stocks will no longer be led by GWBU after this week. Thank God for that because it gets really boring writing about a POS scam pump and dump like GWBU when good companies like GNBT, ADXS, and OCLS are out there to make an honest return for the more patient investors. Early stage levels of what is an inevitable pump and dump like GWBU are less risky than the 4th week.

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