After NSRS, SNPK and Now GWBU, Is GTCP Next in Line?

If you don’t have Georgetown Corp. (OTC: GTCP) stock on your list of penny stocks to watch, get it done now. Shares of Great Walls Builders Inc. (OTC: GWBU) are currently trading at $1.53, down -0.65%, on volume worth $21.5 million so far. It’s sister stock, Sunpeaks Ventures Corp. (OTC: SNPK) is about to become the twin of their youngest 2012 sister; North Springs Resources Corp. (OTC: NSRS). SNPK stock is currently trading at $0.081, about twice as much as NSRS stock, $0.04. Why get GTCP stock on the list of penny stocks to watch? Here’s Why:

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Georgetown Corp. filed their 10-Q yesterday and there are some very specific highlights to pay attention to:

GTCP owns a mineral claim with a historical cost of $15,000 which is currently deemed fully impaired in the absence of sufficiently developed plans to extract the minerals.

 On January 10, 2012, GTCP’s Board of Directors authorized a 400:1 forward split of its common stock and increased its authorized shares to 750 million shares consisting of 700 million common shares and 50 million preferred shares. The effects of the forward split increased the issued and outstanding common shares from 1,350,000 shares to 540 million shares.

 On May 8, 2012, Mr. D. Melvin Swanson acquired control of 400 million shares of the issued and outstanding GTCP common stock, representing 74.07% of Georgetown Corp.’s total issued and outstanding stock from Mr. Mackie Barch in accordance with a stock purchase agreement between the two individuals. Pursuant to the stock purchase agreement, Mr. Swanson paid  $25,000 to Mr. Barch in exchange for the 400 million shares of GTCP common stock. (Barch paid $383 thousand for those shares)

 As of May 8, 2012, Mr. Barch resigned as the sole member of Gerogetown Corp.’s Board of Directors and as the Company’s President, CEO, CFO, Treasurer, and Secretary.

 On May 8, 2012, GTCP changed the address of its executive offices to 142-108 Elliot Street, Whitehouse, Yukon Territory, Y1A 6C4.

All are connected to more than one stocks which ran from pennies to multiple dollar levels before returning to lower than their starting points. Need more?

Barch also had/has a connection with HDS International Corp. (OTC PINK: HDSI). It was to be a perfect match for Barch and his Healthcare Distribution Specialists, LLC. However, without any explanation, Barch’s acquisition of the shell was called off. Still, with the Barch connection firmly established, the promo on HDSI ran with a 30 something hedge-fund manager as the front which had no upside and just pure dump.

At just 36 years old, Barch seems a little “wet behind the ears” to be the Chief Executive Officer of so many public companies. He has a proven track record already of not being loyal to a company. Barch is actually a perfect fit to put in front of these kind of deals, as he most likely will keep quiet and just cash his checks. In short, he does what he’s told.

The other sign that GTCP is about to be a summer smash hit is that the stock didn’t start trading until yesterday last week. Quite a coincidence that this all takes place just as the SNPK promotion expires.

About GTCP:

Georgetown Corp., formerly Yukonic Minerals Corp., is an Exploration Stage Company. Georgetown Corp. has been in an exploration stage since its formation on May 26, 2010 and has not realized any revenues from operations. Georgetown Corp. plans to acquire, explore and develop mineral properties and ultimately seek earnings by exploiting mineral claims.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of GTCP should already be on your radar. There can be no question that GTCP will be promoted soon. There are fingerprints and financial DNA all over this stock. The share price will probably drift for a while and will be worth accumulating on the anticipation of an inevitable promotion especially if you’re bidding in the .30’s.

As soon as the dump comes on GWBU stock, GTCP could be in play within days.


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