Dump Alert: The Crash of Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU)

Imagine that huh? Time has run out for the pump and dump of Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) penny stock. The promise of $2 per share for the Company that plans to provide inexpensive homes with solar integrated system in Texas has been made which can mean only one thing: The $655 million market cap can buy an entire small city in Texas. Huh? That makes no sense at all. Exactly, and neither does holding GWBU stock after today.

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GWBU Stock Chart

It’s no coincidence that people viewing GWBU on Yahoo Finance also viewed:
SNPKE, AGRT, ORYN, NSRS, OREO,  and SEFE. We’ve issued warnings on NSRS prior to the dump and saved people from making a big financial mistake. We did the same with SNPK and we’re too early, calling the dump $0.60 before the peak.

SEFE and GWBU are two completely different animals because only APS can drive up the price of a POS penny stock that has nothing but an agreement. APS is also the only one who can capture investors in a net of greed as the price gets to its peak with PPS promises before dumping the stock from it peak to within 20% of its starting price in less than an hour. They did it with AMWI, NSRS, SNPK and if you’re stuck holding anything other than free shares in GWBU after today, you deserve no pity.

The most recent news claiming that Trinidad and Tobago tested two different buses and a Kia Sorrento is as true as Harry Lappa’s gold discoveries on his digs that took just 2 days to get samples from.  

Bottom Line: The penny stocks of AMWI, NSRS, SNPK and GWBU all followed the same path because they had the same driver. The dump was so fast that stop-loss orders were impossible to trigger and left many a gambler holding what was once a royal flush to being nothing more than a peasant dump.

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