Suspicious Trading Activity: Georgetown Corp. (GTCP) Stock

Shares in the penny stock of Georgetown Corp. (GTCP) are down -32.93% in today’s trading session, but how real is it and what does it mean for front loaders? GTCP stock price dropped to 0.275 after two trades, one for 2,000 shares at 10:10:33am at 0.41 and then a second for 300 shares at 12:07:54pm at 0.275. Obviously, someone didn’t expect to break the bank with an $82.50 trade, but it has been unusually quiet since their wholly-owned subsidiary Synergy Oil Tool & Supply LLC, completed its first sale.

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Bottom Line: GTCP, for obvious reasons, should be at the top of every traders list of penny stocks to watch. GWBU is still performing well and no one thought a new run would come before the Independence day break. GTCP didn’t drop because it had unusual volume, it had unusual activity as if they are trying to force the front loaders out before the run begins.

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