Suspicious Volume: (BZRT) Share Overload

Someone opened up the back of the dump truck and unloaded shares in the penny stock of Inc. (BZRT) on to the PinkSheets today. BZRT has a 3 month average volume of just 7,755 and never traded over 35k shares in a day until today. Almost 4 million shares of the website owners have been dumped on the same day that announced adding marketing features that the Company expects will generate an expanded revenue stream.

Something is up and it would behoove you to add BZRT to your list of penny stocks to watch immediately.

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BZRT Stock Chart:

Current Price: $0.017
a/o Jun 06, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 462,939,687
Float: 110,620,000
Authorized Shares: 500,000,000

What we know so far is that, as of March 31, 2012, reported having $0, ZERO, cash or assets of any kind, liabilities of $2,660,528, and an accumulated deficit of $7,962,201. However, they did report revenues of 3 Big Mac Meals with Super Size Fries and Drinks, 5 Cheeseburger Happy Meals, 2 Apple Pies, 1 Chocolate Sundae, and a small Diet Coke.

Revenues for the 3 months ended were $37 to bear the burden of $84,410 in expenses. So when the Company announced today that they are expecting revenue of $1 to $2 for each participant activating a game through their ViralPwnage/BZRT partnership site, investors had a huge sigh of relief. Apparently, the gaming site has embedded advertising with many companies that pay for each advertising impression. What a fantastic concept. They should sell that idea to facebook.

The Company is estimating revenue from this source to be an additional $15,000-$18,000 monthly as the gaming site matures. Additional? Well, it does seem proper if you recognize $37 as actual revenues. (see here) As if not to insult you enough with those numbers, the Company states that “Total Revenues” for the unfolding 18 month period is projected to be $24 – $32 million with the following fiscal year forecast to be $36 – $42 million. Furthermore, EBITDA may exceed 75%.

And Donald Trump just signed all his hard assets over to AimHighProfits and is giving us his Palm Beach estate for our new office. Need to write that list for Santa Claus this year.

There is a huge amount of schmegma news out on the Company that you can filter through on your own here.

About BZRT Stock, Inc., has developed the Patent Pending web site, a safe and fun social networking web site, very much like a Facebook for Pre-Teens. features safe chat rooms for children of all ages and has built a unique social networking web site for kids that allows parents to set boundaries. The site is a completely safe and profanity free environment where kids can connect with other kids they know and safely exchange conversations, videos and photos.

Bottom Line: When the penny stock is in “pump” mode and ready for blast off,’s BZRT stock is worth watching and adding to the list of one and dones. Other than that, BZRT appears to be a true “0.01” penny stock.

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