SVEN | Bounce Play Possible With Superior Still Pushing Out PR

SVEN Stock, Superior Venture Corporation, Ilustrato Pictures Limited,SVEN scamOnce the penny stock promotion of Superior Venture Corp. (SVEN) was abandoned by the APS group just over a week ago, the shares went into the toilet. First the was the day long dip on Monday of last week soon followed by the ticker being removed/changed then re-listed and soon halted until finally, SVEN stock tested the trip zero range today. The drop below a penny was the fastest any of the former Awesome Penny Stocks promotions ever hit that level and makes for a superior candidate for a bounce play on Tuesday since its clear that the volume and activity are still fresh enough to make a play from and should be watched closely.

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Market Cap: 4.16M
Close: 0.0106 -0.0166 (-61.03%)
Volume: 38,838,465
Dollar Volume: $490,126
High: 0.026
Low: 0.096
Trades: 1,209
Average Trade Size: 32,124

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Just after the close, the Company released a PR (a positive sign) stating that they expect their wholly owned subsidiary, Ilustrato Pictures Limited, to benefit from its unique revenue model that it is applying to multiple film projects. Based on its co-development structure, the Company would see guaranteed domestic Chinese distribution for all films and a potential for much higher gross box office percentages paid to the Company as compared to the North American film market.

Long, I wouldn’t think of at this point in time since the .01 level was breached so quickly after the abandonment for a fresher ticker, World Moto (FARE) which didn’t off traders much room for gains unless they bought shares within 10 minutes after the opening bell today. However, the rapid decent of SVEN stock price has been accelerated by the scare of the halt experienced last week. Sure this is a POS with a snowball’s chance in Puerto Rico of making it to the 10 cent level or better, but this is a trading play and if the level 2 sets up for a play, SVEN stock could easily bring in a 50% or more gain on a dollar amount worth trading.

About SVEN Stock

Superior Venture Corp. is the most recent pump and dump from the Awesome Penny Stocks prior to today’s new pick — FARE.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/17/12 0.0106 -0.0166 -61.03% 48,093,320
12/14/12 0.0272 -0.0012 -4.23% 14,488,800
12/13/12 0.0284 -0.0095 -25.07% 24,174,799
12/12/12 0.0379 -0.0271 -41.69% 38,151,098
12/11/12 0.0650 -0.0260 -28.57% 10,000

Bottom Line: SVEN is a POS penny stock that will cause one to sweat like a whore in church if you own it from this point forward. That said, look back at the history of the APS picks and the demise of them after they picked up a new ticker and you will see how the dumb money leaves before the savvy traders come in to nibble off the leftovers on the table. SVEN stock could easily see 0.02 or better at some point before the end of the year.

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