SVENT | Superior Ventures’ Inferior Stock Promotion Destroyed

SVEN, SVEN stock, PBCW, PBCW stock, Awesome Penny StocksIt’s official — the penny stock pump and dump on Superior Venture Corp. (SVEN) and Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. (PBCW) have again raped the investor. Yesterday’s slide on both the SVEN scam and PBCW scam ran almost simultaneously to the point where some traders were assuming it was a dip and bought more shares in each. After realizing that the banners have been removed from all of the websites promoting the two penny stock picks, the suffering has escalated now that you couldn’t sell out of the Awesome Penny Stocks pick if you owned the OTC Markets since the Cusip has now been changed and the symbol has been changed now to SVENT. So much for an Awesome way to end the year.

UPDATE: The ticker had been switched back to SVEN around 11am and soon after halted by the SEC.

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SVEN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 46.21
Last: 0.091
Volume: 0
Dollar Volume: $0
High: N/A
Low: N/A
Trades: 0
Average Trade Size: 0

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While PBCW stock is already in the toilet and not going to resurface like an unflushable turd, some traders are still grasping on to a glimmer of hope that the SVEN stock scam won’t keep Santa totally away this Christmas. The goose is cooked — there is no disputing that, but since now Superior Ventures Corp. has changed their Cusip as noted in the OTCBB daily update yesterday, the fact that the shares are now listed as SVENT has traders totally confused.

Although PR was issued just after the closing bell on Monday, the steep decline of the the 10 day supported promotion of SVEN by the group calling themselves Awesome are about as oxymoronic as the Victory Mark supported PBCW stock dump which occurred simultaneously. With Pub Crawl Holdings turning out to be even worse than the original due diligence we conducted on them two months ago, it would be a shame to find that in 2013, traders are still willing to support these newsletters which have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the OTC market this 2012.

While the industry itself will slowly repair itself from this unnecessary damage, the chances of seeing SVENT stock trade above 0.05 are about all that one could wish for anymore. As long as you’re not falling prey to an even worse scam taking place right now on the OTC, the predatory pump of Energy Conservation Technologies Inc. (ENYC) and the evidenced history of the people behind that who have been charged for stock fraud in the past, chances are you can survive the year still making a few gains here and there.

About SVENT Stock

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Bottom Line: If you lost your shirt on either of these two penny stocks, SVEN or PBCW, perhaps the time to become an avid follower of this website and our newsletter are appropriately timed. We have long been a huge fan of playing the day one or two run on promos like SVEN stock and PBCW stock. Hwever, with the time of the year running down and eTrade closing all the non-North American accounts this week – it was obvious that yesterday’s slides on both were not dips.

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