Swingplane Ventures (OTC: SWVI) – Buy, Sell Or Hold?

SWVI Stock, Swingline Ventures, Awesome Penny StocksThe newest pick of Awesome Penny Stocks is due to come out on Tuesday and speculators are already thinking it could be Swingplane Ventures Inc. (SWVI). A start up copper miner in Chile, SWVI stock would be the third pump and dump from the APS crew in the last 12 months that had “Venture” in the Company name. Since it is impossible to replicate the time span and gains of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK), now Pharmex Inc. (PHRX), the possibility of a repeat to Superior Venture (SVEN), which flamed out after just 10 trading sessions, is a high probability and should be approached with a short-term strategy.

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SWVI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 141.75M
Last: 0.30 ▲ 0.07 (30.43%)
Volume: 130,400
Dollar Volume: $28,333
Open: 0.24
High: 0.30
Low: 0.18
Trades: 23
Authorized: 550,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 472,500,000
Michel Voyer: 350,000,000

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No large blocks were among the shares traded on Friday which would be a clear indicator of the pump being ready to be switched on this coming week. While the closing data from Friday sourced for SWVI stock is accurate on the number of trades, share volume and dollar volume traded, the closing price and percentage change does not account for 5 of the 23 trades executed which occurred after 4:00PM, all of which were below 0.30.

Friday Swingplane Ventures Trade Data from OTCBB.com:


Price Size Time
$0.20 5,000 16:02:00
$0.22 5,000 16:01:32
$0.21 20,000 16:01:01
$0.25 20,000 16:00:46
$0.25 2,500 16:00:33
$0.30 100 15:59:55
$0.25 777 15:59:47
$0.25 10,000 15:59:33
$0.185 7,100 15:58:24
$0.185 5,000 15:58:15
$0.18 590 15:57:25
$0.18 22,410 15:57:14
$0.18 300 15:55:15
$0.18 5,000 15:55:15
$0.18 200 15:54:43
$0.20 5,000 15:54:27
$0.24 7,500 15:53:17
$0.25 2,500 15:51:37
$0.26 2,150 15:51:36
$0.26 350 15:49:57
$0.26 4,000 15:49:45
$0.24 2,500 12:50:47
$0.24 2,500 11:46:29


As of August 22, 2012, Swingplane Ventures Inc. ceased to be a development stage men’s and women’s golf fashion manufacturer located in Broomfield, Colorado. The Company’s dream of having an initial clothing line consisting of tailored-fit golf shirts, pants and skirts that younger golfers are demanding from the standpoint of comfort, style and fabric ended before it ever began.

The time, energy and effort that Matthew Diehl put into the Company in anticipation of staying on the cutting edge of the constantly changing golf apparel market and creating a quality reputation within the youthful golfing community and golf garment marketplace became a $35,000 memory when he sold his stake in the Company to Michael Voyer, the sole director and officer of Swingplane Ventures Inc.

Now, with a focus on mining copper, the spark that lit APS on fire a year ago, North Springs Resources, could be exactly what has been needed – a mining deal. With industry news readily available for PR issuances and being safely based outside the U.S., fluff can easily flow during the summer mining months in South America.

Since the Company’s deal with Mid Americas Corp., Gunter Stromber and Elsa Dorila Durate Horta is firmly in place to acquire 75% of certain mining concessions in Chile, $12,000,000 is the magic number needed. Swingplane will need $1,000,000 for operations and $11,000,000 as required for their exploration project on the”about to be acquired” mining concessions in Chile.

The fact that action took place at the end of the trading session on Friday is more than enough reason to have your research on SWVI stock complete and ready for Tuesday morning. Assuming it is the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick which fails to break the $1 level, having a chance to see a 30% gain after the gap open, less than 1/3 of the 106% gain GMEC brought, our “Play of the Day” from Friday, handle your business and chase the tail of a dying group who was once truly Awesome.

About SWVI Stock

Swingplane Ventures, a mineral exploration company, is focused on exploring their Algarrobo Property located approximately 850 km north of Santiago, in the III Region, Province of Chanaral, Chile. Click here to view the SEC filings for SWVI.

Bottom Line: SWVI should be at the top of every traders list of penny stocks to watch for an upcoming promotion. Even if Tuesday is not the launch date for SWVI stock, the day will come. Since the speculation is all surrounding it to be the pick of APS, 120 million shares will likely be the volume traded, the full float, to then be shorted and supported before being aborted like FARE, SVEN, TAGG, etc, etc, etc.

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