TAEC Stock: Talk About Equity Convertibles

The gladiator pit of penny stocks is roughly 14 hours away from beginning this weeks game of thrones and Todays Alternative Energy Corp. (TAEC) appears to be volunteering itself for a slaughter. With 4,036,939,111 potentially dilutive shares of TAEC stock realizable from the conversion of convertible debentures as of April 30th, the green energy company is setting itself up for failure by taking on opponents like EKDKQ, MDMC, SUTI and all the 9:30am announced penny stock picks.

Fluffing potential traders with a shiny new website, a “.biz” at that, is the least likeliest way to come out with a “buy my stock” message on the most competitive day of the week.

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TAEC Stock Structure

Friday Close: 0.11
Volume: 0

Authorized Shares: 1,000,000,000 as of April 30, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 28,132,081 as of April 30, 2012
Float: Seriously?

Todays Alternative Energy Corp should close the doors of their Westport, Connecticut offices and call it a day. The Company had, as of April 30, $1,007 in cash to finance $2,751,373 in current liabilities, $1,491,691 of which were convertible notes. They had 4,036,939,111 shares “potentially” convertible  which were excluded from the computation of diluted net loss per share as their inclusion would be anti-dilutive. (Page 8) What’s the difference? That’s like saying with or without corn. It’s still a #2Flusher.

No doubt the reason why they are entering the pit for a blood bath Monday is because they got legal bills to pay. Actually, a third party has indirectly requested, without any formal knowledge of the principles, that the public be made aware of the new website for the Nevada registered company focused on green energy alternatives.  C’mon. You have a court date set for August 17th for money you’ve owed to Indeglia & Carney from over a year ago. (Page 11)

About TAEC Stock

Todays Alternative Energy Corporation is a development stage company. The Company’s business has two primary opportunities that it is developing. The Company has a green cleaning products business that uses its scientific formulations to manufacture and sell a new line of industrial strength, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable cleaning products that contain natural non-toxic ingredients. The Company has a biodiesel business that uses its extraction technology to convert waste cooking oil and grease into a biodiesel fuel ingredient that it intends to sell to biodiesel fuel producers. The Company’s biodiesel business is designed to reduce environmental issues associated with disposing of waste cooking oil and grease.

Bottom Line: TAEC stock belongs in the quadruple zeros. This penny stock has a snowball’s chance in Hades of a) turning a profit for traders, and b) surviving on the exchange for much longer. With the costs involved with filing current financial data with the SEC, there can be only one direction TAEC is headed since they ain’t even close to producing a product.

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