Top 10 Penny Stocks | ZPPB Stock Is A Zip A Dee Doo Dud

top 10 penny stocks, ZPPB,FARE,SNPK,PHRX,MJNA,COWI,CWNM,AAMRQ, AONEQ,One hour into the Humpday trading session and irony has kicked in to the highest level. If the bag connection wasn’t enough to steer you clear form grabbing some of the Zippy Bags, Inc. (ZPPB) penny stock promotion, perhaps a simple Google search would have. By simply typing in “ZPPB“, one can clearly see a ...

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CWNM | Crown Marketing’s Plight To Change Drug Delivery

penny stock alerts, OTC stock alerts, CWNM, CWNM stock,Crown Marketing,OTC CWNM,Farrington Pharmaceuticals LLC, Pharmacokinetics Licensing Company BV,Crack in a pill? Controlled drug delivery system? It’s priced at less than  a quarter. 10-for-1 back in October, 2012. It all sounds like the second coming of Pablo Escobar’s plot to take over the world in bits and pieces. Put it all together and you get the penny stock of  Continue Reading →