Top 10 Penny Stocks | ZPPB Stock Is A Zip A Dee Doo Dud

top 10 penny stocks, ZPPB,FARE,SNPK,PHRX,MJNA,COWI,CWNM,AAMRQ, AONEQ,One hour into the Humpday trading session and irony has kicked in to the highest level. If the bag connection wasn’t enough to steer you clear form grabbing some of the Zippy Bags, Inc. (ZPPB) penny stock promotion, perhaps a simple Google search would have. By simply typing in “ZPPB“, one can clearly see a very expensive (click it – you know you want to) Google featured click ad by the promoters themselves, BDPS asking if it’s the worst stock ever. Subliminals are more influential than people give them credit for.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded (10:30AM EST)

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
ZPPB 0.195 -31.84% 1,024,516 4,313,256 897
AAMRQ 1.54 +3.36% 4,834,778 3,151,853 838
AONEQ 0.0407 +20.06% 871,815 21,255,128 622
FARE 0.0595 -20.13% 824,661 13,553,226 597
MJNA 0.145 +5.45% 1,042,004 7,097,948 462
CWNM 0.322 +34.17% 611,102 2,020,352 345
COWI 0.0055 +30.95% 216,774 38,116,879 342
VUME 0.40 +1.27% 535,851 1,349,627 275
ONVO 3.80 -0.26% 1,035,193 269,314 273
AMBS 0.0993 -0.70% 358,353 3,773,165 224

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The “just for laughs” rival of Best Damn Penny Stocks, Awesome Penny Stocks, is seeing its last featured pick, World Moto Inc. (FARE) finally give away some support after they announced a new pick to come out next week. Considering that yesterday was a stellar day for the best pick of 2012, Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK), after it changed its name and ticker symbol to Pharmagen Inc. (PHRX). Too bad TCA Global Credit Masterfund has a huge convertible note that makes playing PHRX stock like playing with rattle snakes.

The smoking hot penny stock is Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) who is opening its books to be audited by Anthony W. Imbimbo & Associates. While many were shocked to find that the Company would do such a thing since trading on the pink sheets doesn’t require such, MJNA stock is finding it hard to slow down since its July lows.

While the $400K psychotic hiring to push CoroWare, Inc. (COWI) is in day three of a one-day promotion, NKOTB Crown Marketing (CWNM) is getting a luke-warm reception for its $100K plus budget thus far. Trading more than 10 cents above the close from Tuesday, CWNM stock should hang around and see some more action in the power hour.

About Trading Penny Stocks

Always, Always, Always research your trade before trading it.

Bottom Line: These 10 penny stocks may be the top ones for the first hour in trades, but that, as we all know, is subject to change. ZPPB stock was only expected to be a day trade at best and even that was barely worth the commission fees according to most of the emails we received. Since our first “Subscriber Only” pick is coming out in just a few more days, you can expect to see our pick listed in the top 10 penny stocks traded in just a few more days.

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