TAGG | PWEI | Caveat Emptor Issuance Raises Panic Level

TAGG, PWEI, TAGG Stock, PWEI StockFriday’s trading session ended with less bangs than expected but did manage to change the way many view the two top penny stocks traded: PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI) and TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG). Up until the end of trading, only TAGG stock garnished the OTCMarkets skull and crossbones next to their most traded ticker symbol. However, just after the close of trading, the most recent pump and dump from the central american based duo, PWEI stock, was also issued “caveat emptor” warning which can not be sitting well for those who held over the weekend.

The infamous J.T. once said: “skull and crossbones” are listed on products like Drano which will clean your pipes — just like “skull and crossbones” listed on securities which will clean your wallet.

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TAGG Stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG Stock Scam, Awesome Penny Stocks, TagLikeMe ScamTAGG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 34.25M
Close: 0.1035, down -0.018 (-14.81%)
Volume: 43,793,126
Dollar Volume: $4,498,606
High: 0.12
Low: 0.095
Trades: 2,289
Average Trade Size: 19,131

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PWEI Stock, PacWest Equities, PWEI Scam, Victory Mark, PacWest Equities ScamPWEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 16.98M
Close: 0.565, up 0.09 (18.95%)
Volume: 9,940,669
Dollar Volume: $5,235,460
High: 0.6075
Low: 0.475
Trades: 1,661
Average Trade Size: 5,984

About TAGG Stock

TagLikeMe issued a PR this morning claiming their website had experienced a 700% increase in unique visits during the first ten days of October compared to the entire previous month’s unique visits. That isn’t to hard to imagine considering the biggest pump and dump crew has been pushing TAGG stock since the beginning of the month with their recently acquired $5 million website, www.pennystocks.com, that they purchased from Peter Leeds, so called penny stock expert.

About PWEI Stock

PacWest Equities didn’t have to issue any PR on Friday since the sugar in the kool-aid was still strong enough since PWEI stock alerts are only two days old and has already jumped from .157 to as high as .6075 — a 287% gain already. Amazing what a company with no money and $4,000 of claimed research and development can do with just one press release and the pumping action of Victory Mark.

Bottom Line: If you own either of these penny stocks, PWEI or TAGG, its best you have a good night sleep on Sunday since the OTCMarkets issuance of the caveat emptor is not a good thing. Not all “skull and crossbones” issued securities are suspended from trading. Actually, NSRS traded for over a month with it. Regardless, the two have had their spotlight time and its now time for the traders who don’t understand how these mechanisms work to lose their shirts.

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