The Fortitude Group (FRTD) Dog And Pony Show Pays Off

FRTD Stock, $FRTD, #FRTD, Fortitude Group Inc., 420CashCard.comAfter nearly 2 weeks of rumors that a surge was coming for the penny stock of Fortitude Group, Inc. (FRTD), volume finally kicked in for the creators of Having changed names and business models 8 times in the last 11 years, the non-active, diversified investment focused company decided to enter into the medical marijuana industry as of February 21, putting them firmly on the map for OTC traders. After setting a new 52Wk high on Tuesday, ironically at 0.0420, FRTD stock is now up more than 4,450% from their 0.0009 low of the year set back on February 4th and some believe it’s only the beginning.

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Market Cap: 16.65M
Last: 0.041 ▲ +0.0242 (+144.05%)
Volume: 127,755,687
Dollar Volume: $3,641,927
Open: 0.019
High: 0.042
Low: 0.0151
Trades: 2,178
Authorized: 998,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 606,039,404
14-Day Rel Strength: 78.88%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0503
1st Support Level: 0.0234

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The dog and pony show that has become Fortitude Group has been a decade plus event which has consistently done one thing very well – fail to book revenues. Prior to venturing into the Medical Marijuana industry with their 420 Cash Prepaid Discover® Card and hopes to bring a revolutionary medical marijuana product, “MariMist,” to market for the use in the care of cancer patients, the Company dabbled in everything from home building/buying to hydro power production to even equestrian and polo related media, events, technologies, and game development.

With pot the only thing that can resurrect a failed venture, Fortitude Group did exactly what every other wannabe hype capturer has done. Thomas J. Parilla, CEO and President who took over when the Company was Rounder Inc. and had extreme beverages as their weapon, pushed the cannabis envelope forward when he ventured the Company into a joint venture with MariMedical Pharmaceuticals whereby Fortitude Group will retain 92% of the never to be seen revenues.

Despite the eventual result being that nothing ever comes from the deal, nor the 420 Cash Prepaid Discover® Card, FRTD stock has been on a roll since the keyword “marijuana” was tagged to it. Although the run fizzled out when FRTD stock hit .03 at the start of March, yesterday’s sudden surge of energy sent the pinky to a levels which could equate only to the Colorado Rockies, peaking at the ever so fitting 0.0420.

To help confuse the situation even more, Fortitude Group has launched 2 more websites for investors to mentally masturbate about how wise their decision was to purchase FRTD with a long view to it. The first, strings shareholders along about how a “special shares issuance” is coming their way from the group’s holdings of Affinity Mediaworks (AFFW). The second and probably the most unrealistic of them all is which jumps through the hoops of their intention to buy back between 100,00,000 and 250,000,000 shares of FRTD stock over the next 365-days.

You can’t possibly buy back stock when you have no money coming in the door or when your last Q filing shows you had just $2,002 without either incurring debt to finance it or selling shares which is all this shell company has ever done since it was created in 2003 as Tel-Voice Communications, Inc.

FRTD, FRTD Stock, FRTD Stock Quote, $FRTD, #FRTD, Fortitude Group Inc., Thomas J. Parilla, 420 Cash Prepaid Discover® Card,,, FRTD share buyback,, marijuana stocks,

About FRTD Stock

Fortitude Group, Inc. is a development stage company claiming to be a diversified company with investments in multiple sectors of the economy targeting joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries and or majority/minority positions that cross various market segments with the goal of creating a quality company that builds intrinsic value for its shareholders.

Click here to view the financial filings for FRTD.
Click here to view the website for Fortitude Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
04/01/14 0.0190 0.0420 0.0151 0.0410 +0.0242 +144.05% 127,785,695
03/31/14 0.0165 0.0170 0.0140 0.0168 +0.0016 +10.53% 11,386,801
03/28/14 0.0168 0.0168 0.0132 0.0152 -0.0016 -9.52% 5,681,900
03/27/14 0.0180 0.0193 0.0140 0.0168 -0.0011 -6.15% 2,805,100
03/26/14 0.0170 0.0190 0.0152 0.0179 +0.0014 +8.48% 4,913,400


Bottom Line:

The end all to every venture the entity now known as Fortitude Group has always resulted in: “was never able to grow due to lack of capital and sustained losses.” Because FRTD ended Tuesday as the 5th most traded penny stock on the OTC, there is no choice but to watch it and look for swing points. Buying the momentum and trading off of it is the way to play FRTD stock, not buying into the BS story their spoon feeding with their PR’s.

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