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FRTD Stock, $FRTD, #FRTD, Fortitude Group Inc., 420CashCard.comCall it a scam, call it a P.O.S. Whatever you label you decide to give it, the penny stock of Fortitude Group, Inc. (FRTD) is bringing the noise today after claiming that they are to be purchased by a fully reporting OTCQB company. Scamming the OTC with some of the most ridiculous claims on previous occasions, FRTD stock takes off like a bottle rocket after each one before returning to the abyss that is still too high for this shell of shell of a shell company with nothing but domains registrations and promises to buy back shares. Just a few days after claiming it has received over 15,000 individual orders for the VaporVites herb vaporizing system, the vaporization of its most recent bull run has it pegged at the top of the most traded penny stocks midway through Monday’s session.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FRTD 0.026 +179.57% 2,847,353 135,835,126 2,522
FNMA 4.21 0.00% 23,350,355 5,574,469 2,034
MINE 0.0144 -9.43% 1,798,762 130,294,771 1,414
FITX 0.0595 -9.57% 2,556,577 44,700,143 1,278
ERBB 0.0207 -9.61% 1,313,752 62,599,956 933
FMCC 4.22 0.00% 8,231,012 1,962,585 749
MEDL 0.202 +9.19% 636,901 2,905,875 536
TTDZ 0.0132 -23.70% 489,614 34,075,665 437
HEMP 0.0565 +6.20% 390,525 7,055,055 394
WIIM 0.229 +9.05% 391,099 1,628,875 356

Missing the list of the top traded penny stocks are Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. (HHWW), promoted by Cohen’s group, as well as Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp. (APHD) which put on an “Impressive” display in the percentage gain column. It’s actually quite fitting when you think about it since it’s kinda impossible to compete with a fake promise of 0.12 a share.

This morning, Twitter was going nuts about the scam that FRTD stock is, but it did little to stop the share price from .01, 66.67%, after traders were allowed to pick up shares for around 0.015 for the first 45 minutes of trading today. The PR reported that the supposed letter-of-intent entered into “proposes” that after an “in-Kind” share-exchange between Fortitude Group and the unnamed OTCQB Company, FRTD shares are to be valued at 0.12 per share.

Even more atrociously exaggerated was the claims that the valuation of FRTD stock being worth 0.12 per share was derived by combining the industry acceptable valuation of Fortitudes recently acquired data base, the revenue derived from their VaporVites vapor system and adjusting the issued and outstanding stock for the nearly 230 million Fortitude shares which were part of the recently announced Share Buyback program. The booking of revenues was something Fortitude had never been able to accomplish prior to claiming they had 15,000 individual orders for the VaporVites herb vaporizing system last week and, as for the Share Buyback program, well let’s just say that pigs do fly but only when they are dropped from a plane.

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About FRTD Stock

Fortitude Group, Inc. is a development stage company claiming to be a diversified company with investments in multiple sectors of the economy targeting joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries and or majority/minority positions that cross various market segments with the goal of creating a quality company that builds intrinsic value for its shareholders.

Click here to view the filings for FRTD.
Click here to view the website for Fortitude Group.

Authorized: 998,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 699,322,304

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
05/19/14 0.0177 0.0284 0.0132 0.0252 +0.0159 +170.97% 135,739,516
05/16/14 0.0109 0.0109 0.0083 0.0093 -0.0007 -7.00% 17,513,301
05/15/14 0.0122 0.0128 0.0092 0.0100 -0.0015 -13.04% 23,222,898
05/14/14 0.0093 0.0135 0.0093 0.0115 +0.0016 +16.16% 22,655,602
05/13/14 0.0110 0.0119 0.0092 0.0099 -0.0011 -10.00% 12,730,300


Bottom Line:

You can want Thomas J. Parilla, CEO of Fortitude Group, to get cuffed as much as the next guy does, but FRTD does bring it each time they throw schmegma like today against the wall. Seeing as how 7 of the top 20 traded OTC stocks as of midday were 5 letter ticker symbols that end in “Y,”, the thought that the attention penny stocks usually have at this time of the year has been refocused over the low-priced Nasdaq and NYSE stocks is a slight cause for concern.’s bagging of investors in PGFY and the halts marijuana stocks have had in the last few months has created a bit of a panic, especially among all of the traders that have never even heard of Awesome Penny Stocks before.
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