Top 10 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch: SNPK, LQMT, RSRS

No surprise that Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK) is still hot as you watch the screen for the penny stocks to buy.  Shares in SNPK are up to $1.07 currently as they rally back towards that $9 target price they were issued even though the penny stock alerts have ended. LiquidMetals Tech (OTC: LQMT) is having another stellar day up nearly 15% while the real money sits and waits for Regency Resources (OTC: RSRS) stock to stabilize before their run gets going.

Shares of Onteco (OTC: ONTC) are having a good day thus far up 46% on nearly a half million dollars traded while Converted Organics (OTC: COIN) stock price heads back to the sub-penny market by the looks of things. Almost all of the down penny stocks are giving away entry points to buy and sell at good entry levels. Example: RSRS at less than $0.95 is like robbing the penny stock market when you look back at it a week from now.

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Hot Penny Stocks To Watch

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Vol Share Vol Trades
SNPK 1.07 +15.68% 19,053,085 17,633,248 5,797
LQMT 0.288 +14.74% 3,140,023 11,059,195 1,205
COIN 0.0163 -29.13% 877,979 52,541,938 862
SEFE 1.59 +1.92% 4,590,261 2,921,606 756
RSRS 0.94 -22.95% 1,638,058 1,736,519 675
ONTC 0.019 +46.15% 423,979 18,072,870 586
LUXR 0.96 +2.13% 1,324,413 1,513,492 538
WBSI 0.052 -32.90% 347,307 6,290,846 519
OREO 1.54 -5.52% 1,621,006 1,014,395 469
KMAG 0.0127 -39.23% 550,913 35,940,311 466


Websafety (OTC: WBSI) appears to have ended their consecutive run of positive days currently at just above a nickel on volume of roughly 6.3 million shares traded. Patiently waiting for their chance to run are the other two confirmed big-money promos; SEFE inc. (OTC: SEFE) and LuxeYard (OTC: LUXR).

American Liberty Petroleum (OTC: OREO) remains a contender as just over  $1.6 million has traded on its penny stock thus far while KMA Global Solutions (OTC: KMAG) man’s the caboose for the top 10 most traded hot penny stocks to watch so far today.

Bottom Line: All of these top ten traded penny stocks should be added to the list while you calculate which ones to buy, sell or watch. SNPK is having a good rebound while RSRS stock is dropping out the front loaders who got in early on the leaked info before they start their run.

The penny stocks alerts for LUXR and RSRS stock should start any day from the big boyz while SEFE is already about a week into their free stock alert.

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