Top 10 Penny Stock Picks: Most Active Hot OTC Penny Stocks

The most active OTC penny stocks of the day in the last trading session were led by Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) as the sound of squealing pigs resonated. SNPK was followed closely by the second most active of the OTC penny stocks, SEFE, which traded $18.14 million worth of its promotional stock compared to $22.83 million of SNPK. At the very least, some positive momentum came from the two as they failed to close at their LOD.

Sunpeaks Ventures Corp. has been a long awaited dump that just wont seem to go where it needs to go, below a dime. SNPK has the exact same chart pattern as NSRS did so much of a carbon copy that the dump days are virtually the exact same. If you bought SNPK above $2, cut your losses now so you don’t find yourself in a chat room at 3:52am one night searching for the one glimmer of hope from some unbeknownst chatter telling you “it’s bound to bounce back….Clotamin is in all those stores.”

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Top 10 Most Active Penny Stocks

Symbol Close Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SNPK 0.552 -35.06% 22,834,262 37,037,579 7,112
SEFE 1.68 -18.45% 18,142,543 11,126,336 5,622
LQMT 0.38 +26.71% 2,947,449 8,398,239 1,400
DOMK 1.43 +19.17% 4,383,004 3,146,369 1,089
PLPE 0.146 +71.76% 911,440 7,516,795 1,065
LUXR 1.25 -6.02% 2,341,202 1,933,042 1,040
STVF 0.832 24.36% 2,615,751 2,960,332 1,040
IPRC 0.359 -7.95% 1,400,434 3,775,556 571
WBSI 0.047 +4.44% 568,160 10,931,527 548
AAMRQ 0.59 +1.72 1,851,749 3,189,576 524

SEFE Inc., (SEFE) is having their stock just get beat up like Matt Dillon as the school yard bully out of the 80’s movie “My Bodyguard.” SEFE is up a mere 9.09% in the last 5 trading days with an average volume during that time span of 14,838,087. Some serious cross-dressing cross-trading is going on to be able to sustain this type of volume and not let the stock price become the equivalent to the size of a naturally occurring atmospheric atom particle.

LiquidMetal Technologies (LQMT) had a great day for those trading the penny stock but we already covered this. (see here)

DoMark International (DOMK) is the “meat and potatoes” of this top 10 most active penny stocks list. DOMK owns Solarwerks and, in case you haven’t heard or read like we posted about a month ago, is the maker of the solar power pack iPad cover. How cool is that! They haven’t recorded any sales of yet, but the hype of APPL and the popularity of the iPad is going to send this stock into the stratosphere if a promoter gets hold of it.

Besides the fact that their 10-Q which was recently filed had to be amended to include a $534 thousand claim the ex-CEO and his wife have against the company, DOMK entered into an agreement to remove Armada/The  Golf  Championships from its focus and as of March 5, 2012, DOMK is solely focused on the operations of its SolaWerks, Inc. subsidiary.

Solarwerks is a very hip and catchy concept that has amazing potential to it. DOMK is one of the penny stocks on this list to focus on and look for entry and exit positions on. DOMK has a 52 week high of $2.00 set on March 15th. There are 37.57M Shares Outstanding and a Market Capitalization of 45.08M.

To view the SEC filings for DOMK, click here.

The penny stock of PeopleString (PLPE) got hot once a few people were strung together to get some heavy volume behind it. PLPE traded as high 0.1479 after opening at 0.11. If you had known two days ago when we put out our write up on PLPE, you could have grabbed it for as little as 0.085. But who’s crying about a 71.76% for a day’s worth of mouse clicks.

LuxeYard (LUXR) is beginning to show that it has called someone from the kitchen appliances department over and doused itself with teflon. The penny stock has successfully avoided any massive departures from its established market capitalization since hitting $1.62 on Wednesday. LUXR has provided gains of 150% in the last 30 days, 28.87% since we alerted on them.

After finally leasing some land, the investing world began to realize that Stevia First (STVF) might be the real deal. STVF has seen its pps get shredded since the $3.28 high it touched nearly a month ago. STVF is currently trading below the price it came out at. Stevia or not, that ain’t sweet.

Imperial Resources (IPRC) has had a tough time breaking through the 40 cent mark until yesterday. IPRC, an explorer and developer of oil and gas assets in the onshore U. S., reached as high as 0.41 before settling down just above their LOD, 0.34. The stock is still currently up 28.21% for the last 5 days, 259% YTD.

WebSafety (WBSI) is Defunct people! There is no cheese left – the rats all vacated the building. See here – From the WBSI 10-K, page 5, last paragraph:

In the month of September, 2011 due to the lack of revenue and inability to raise enough capital to pay for ongoing operations, we vacated our premises in Irving, Texas.  All employees left the Company and we suspended our operations pending the raising of additional capital to finance our operations on a going forward basis.

Still, even with that as the last filing by the company with the SEC dated the 16th of Arpil, 2012, WBSI has gained 56.67% in the last 10 days. Trading thin air and b.s. press releases – pathetic.

And closng out the list of the top 10 most active penny stocks from the last trading session is our friend inthe skies, AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), parent company of American Airlines. AAMRQ has posted some nice long-term gains for those who jumped in as soon as the hit the pinksheets. Day trading has been spectacular on AAMRQ as liquidity is not an issue even though the shares will most likely cease to trade once the merger with U.S. Airways goes through.

Bottom Line: Each and every one of these penny stocks has been in the top 10 most active list more than once with the exception of DOMK. Expect to see much more of DOMK in the coming weeks as this is simply the beginning for Solarwerks in the PR Spotlight.

Unless you have $10 million with a broker who will let you short SNPK, stay away from it even if you see bounces. There are much better places to have your energy focused on including your family and your health. Oh yeah, and forget about SNPK.


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