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RAYS Stock, Raystream Inc., Raystream Stock, MoneyRunners, Money RunnersNo Q filing since the quarter ended July 31, 2012 did not hold traders back from dumping money into the penny stock of Raystream, Inc. (RAYS) on Thursday. Nearly 6 months to the date from the last time RAYS stock got thrown back into the spotlight, traders were grabbing their lottery tickets after news of Friday’s 8-K filing began to circulate. The puzzling thought of today’s events is that the volume traded is almost equal to the total amount of authorized shares which must mean that some flipped too early or something really fishy is, once again, going on with this bag issuer.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 1.99 +9.34% 101,424,710 53,625,656 13,713
FMCC 1.89 +8.00% 35,244,077 19,592,526 7,107
AAMRQ 4.40 -7.91% 63,889,905 14,963,984 6,165
NORX 1.34 -14.21% 19,267,957 12,020,125 6,001
AFFY 1.11 -2.20% 6,196,761 5,465,805 1,933
NHUR 1.16 -18.31% 3,270,334 2,570,184 1,797
RAYS 0.0076 +1,166.67% 724,539 198,962,135 1,289
XUII 0.275 +12.47% 2,189,987 8,072,591 1,118
BIZM 1.70 +3.03% 4,594,160 2,725,755 902
EAPH 0.0167 +36.89% 552,456 27,663,721 751

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The lack of financial data to trade on did not hold traders back from grabbing all the RAYS stock they could at the end of Thursday’s trading session. Within Friday’s 8-K filing, Raystream reported that: “Brian Petersen, CEO, President and Director of Raystream Inc., (the “Company”), appointed two new Officers and Directors to the Company and subsequently resigned as an Officer and Director of the Company upon their acceptance as Officers and Directors; Delmar Janovec was appointed the CEO, President, Secretary, and Director, and Brent Crouch was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Director of the Company, as of May 24, 2013.”

Many OTC addicts are familiar with the name Delmar Janovec, a Native American, Santee Sioux, who has served as an Officer and Director of reporting and non-reporting companies over a period of 15 years primarily in the technology, engineering, construction, and real estate development for the betterment of Native Americans.

Janovec’s involvement is the reason why every OTC trader who has been playing RAYS stock for the last week has been doing the “make it rain” dance since the share price has moved its decimal point over one full slot, gaining over 1167% in the process.

The elders had the saying: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Seeing RAYS on the fluff pump can mean only one thing: if you can’t do the math to figure out that a bunch of shares got dumped on the market today, buy a calculator!

About RAYS Stock

Raystream, Inc., on June 14, 2011, underwent a change of control and changed its business focus to video transmission compression. The Company has been developing its advanced video compression service platforms that facilitate encoding and transcoding of Standard and High Definition video.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/06/13 0.0076 +0.0070 +1,166.67% 198,962,094
06/05/13 0.0006 -0.0001 -14.29% 1,523,000
06/04/13 0.0007 -0.0004 -36.36% 11,161,600
06/03/13 0.0011 +0.0005 +83.33% 46,378,000
05/31/13 0.0006 unch unch 873,700


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Bottom Line:

When it comes to trading penny stocks, sometimes you catch the nut, and sometimes the nut catches you. Savor the flavor entering the end of the week if you’re flipping RAYS.

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