Top 10 Penny Stocks to Watch: DOMK Stock Leads the List

DoMark International Inc. (OTC: DOMK) stock is dominating Friday’s morning trading session. DOMK stock price has been as high as $3.63 already today, a gain of 28.27% from the last trading session. Trading on the top 10 penny stocks is showing much stronger dollar volume than it was at this time yesterday which could be a strong indication of the Friday sell of before the three day weekend. Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) stock has been watching the air leak out slowly over the course of the last few sessions since its peak at $1.73. Seems the support is still there before the inevitable dump of the shares comes.

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Top 10 Most Actively Traded OTC Penny Stocks

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
DOMK 3.45 +21.91% 3,053,432 932,689 858
GWBU 1.42 -0.70% 1,112,824 782,253 415
IMUC 3.00 +6.38% 1,451,534 477,387 350
LUXR 1.19 -9.85% 1,044,572 914,481 303
SNPKE 0.101 -3.81% 213,621 2,085,413 279
BRWC 0.064 +220.00% 98,285 1,661,736 179
OREO 0.4701 -16.05% 207,013 404,239 162
SEFE 0.61 -3.17% 243,157 380,086 123
THWI 0.042 0.00% 74,939 1,761,139 109
HAIR 0.325 +22.60% 141,978 460,448 98

Adjusting to its new home, or burial grounds, Sunpeaks Ventures Inc.  (Pinksheets: SNPKE) has added an E to its SNPK symbol which we covered yesterday. Other penny stocks like American Liberty Pertoleum (OTC:  OREO) stock, and SEFE Inc. (OTC: SEFE) stock appear to be winding down their support above the $1 level allowing the shares to trade on sheer momentum and message board rumors.

Biostem U.S. (OTC: HAIR) stock is a new issue which we covered in detail yesterday. It appears as if one of the V.P.’s of Corcs Inc. (Nasdaq: CROX) is involved with this penny stock which looks to revolutionize hair transplantation with a patients own stem cells. Other high profiled Board of Directors such as Billionaire Dr. Phillip Frost of Pershing Gold (OTC: PGLC) have not had the same PPS enjoyment that their larger corporations have experienced.

Bottom Line: These penny stocks should be watched closely on the bid/ask for support on the eve of this upcoming 3 day weekend. Remember, you can always go back and buy the penny stock again on Tuesday if you think it still has legs. The cost of the trade in and out could be much cheaper and safer than a panic sell off before the closing bell.

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