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SWVI Stock, Swingline Ventures, Awesome Penny Stocks, SWVI scamIf you took a 1971 Pinto, put some spinners on it, chrome out the engine, add hydraulics and some nitrous oxide, paint it copper and put it on the OTC markets, you basically would have the penny stock of Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (SWVI). Reclaiming the top spot on the list of penny stocks traded for first time since day one, 15 trading sessions ago, SWVI stock has rewarded both those who were willing to go long and those who stepped in big on Monday with huge gains, 300% for long traders and 46% for those in at the lows from Monday.

As the Algarrobo property PR continues to flow, the scenario could not be more ripe for more explosive sessions this week — especially since affiliate group Victory Mark is not announcing a new pick until next week so no one can smash into the rear end of Awesome Penny Stocks to ignite an explosion.

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Market Cap: 282.89M
Last: 0.5987  0.1307 (27.93%)
Volume: 17,244,801
Dollar Volume: $9,256,876
Open: 0.4769
High: 0.601
Low: 0.468
Trades: 3,852
14-Day Rel Strength: 76.51%
14-Day Stochastic: 99.34%
Since AHP Uncovered SWVI: 300%

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The update on Monday, covered by Zacks Equity Research (see here), truly ignited the flame under new fish schooling towards purchasing shares in Swingplane Ventures. The PR included the line “even though Swingplane is in the development stage of resource exploration and delineation, which will require several rounds of financing, its option on a past producing property should permit limited copper production in 2013 due to the Chilean government’s unique promotion of the copper industry.”

While “several rounds of financing” means stock dilution similar to every other Carrillo Huettel incubated shell corp which Awesome Penny Stocks has transitioned into a polished drag racer of a soon-to-explode Pinto, SWVI stock is hot, not question and likely to see as much as 0.65 at some point on Wednesday. The real risk involved at present is the timing as we enter into the 16th trading session since the promotional campaign began.

Most all of the news flowing out about the Company’s Algarrobo property has been historic data with a present day twist to it. Buying some time to keep the phone rooms alive and kicking while they load their clients, Swingplane said it is looking into a proposal for an airborne geophysical survey, more specifically, a Gryphon Multi-Parameter Airborne survey, to directly assess the mineral potential of the entire Property.

Pictures of the property from overhead will surely be able to fool many new traders being pushed into following the flock. On the flip side, savvy traders know that SWVI is squarely positioned at not only the list of top penny stocks traded, but on the list of short traders ready to create a panic and kick the tires a bit for some quick gains.

Either way the, the gas is leaking out, slowly at present, from the gas tank and the leader of the pack is not far from getting that rear ended bid-smack that lights up the “red” as the group opens the path for Victory Mark to get started next week.

About SWVI Stock

Swingplane Ventures Inc.’s Algarrobo property lies on the western fringe of the Atacama Fault System and west of the Chilean Iron Belt. Click here to view the SEC filings for SWVI.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/12/13 0.5987 +0.1307 +27.93% 17,244,801
02/11/13 0.4680 +0.0360 +8.33% 9,152,601
02/08/13 0.4320 -0.0200 -4.42% 19,802,500
02/07/13 0.4520 +0.0570 +14.43% 9,243,700
02/06/13 0.3950 +0.0450 +12.86% 8,189,300


Bottom Line: Awesome Penny Stocks has, except for VLNX, always put up a chance for long traders to see 200% or more before pulling the plug on a promotion. While some of the longer ones have run to nearly 40 trading session, the most recent 3 promotions have failed to make it past 20 trading sessions. Traders looking for SWVI stock to hit $11, $3, or even $1 are better off just looking to target an exit this week before the trade shortened week ahead takes away any profits not yet taken.

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