USTU | Up Already 68%, Buy, Sell or Hold US Tungsten?

USTUOne month ago today, we said that “making 50% or more on USTU stock from .32 in less than a month would be a more efficient ROI don’t ya think?” Well, US Tungsten Corp. (USTU) actually gained 68.75% since then and it all could end tomorrow as the awareness campaign is set to begin. News prior to the opening bell on Monday is expected which, coupled with the aggressive IR page on the wannabe Tungsten miner’s website, could offer a chance to build on those gains. Savvy traders already in are aware that this group’s track record is less than stellar and the first sign indicating that holding is no longer an option.

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Market Cap: 107.32M
Last: 0.54  0.079 (17.14%)
Volume: 457,700
Dollar Volume: $241,375
Open: 0.48
High: 0.55
Low: 0.48
Trades: 94
14-Day Rel Strength: 83.07%
14-Day Stochastic: 94.44%
Since Initial Alert: 68.75% Gain

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According to A. E. Weissenborn, U.S. Geological Survey, Spokane, Wash. (see here), Tungsten, a white metal which has superior mechanical properties at high temperatures, was mined for in Montana in the late 50’s. US Tungsten’s Calvert mine is reported to have been discovered in 1956 and was operated in 1957 and 1959-60. Given sufficient price incentive, the U.S. is not deficient in tungsten resources and mines, specifically the Calvert mine, can produce large tonnages of ore and probably operate successfully.

That said, mining equipment, cash and a business history of mining successfully for minerals such as Tungsten are all lacking from the corporate side of US Tungsten Corp.

Wondering what Tungsten is, its importance for industrial purposes and where it all comes from? Have a watch of the Company’s corporate mission:

US Tungsten has been extremely aggressive from the investor relations point of view (see here) as to where their corporate site almost mimics that of DoMark International (DOMK) prior to the launch of their “Solarwerks” solar charged iPhone and iPad chargers, the SolaPad, last spring. Traders saw DOMK stock rush from under $1 to above $4 in the days ahead of the launch of a product which had been recycled from three previous failed companies.

While DOMK stock never really made it onto the awareness campaign circuit, USTU stock has with Monday being its first of an unknown number of days to come. Considering how the shares have already appreciated more than 68% since they began trading a month ago, it’s smart to think that anything more from here is a risky play since volatility is not something traders have had to experience in this yet.

About USTU Stock

US Tungsten Corp., fka Stealth Resources Inc., has been in the exploration stage since its formation on January 10, 2007 and has not yet realized any revenues from its planned operations. Click here to view the SEC filings for USTU.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/08/13 0.5400 +0.0790 +17.14% 457,700
02/07/13 0.4610 +0.0110 +2.44% 80,500
02/06/13 0.4500 unch unch 319,400
02/05/13 0.4500 +0.0280 +6.64% 304,600
02/04/13 0.4220 +0.0070 +1.69% 147,900


Bottom Line: The countdown to when USTU would have penny stock alerts issued for an awareness campaign has officially begun. Since USTU stock has already exceeded our expectations of 50% from our alert on January 10, traders still involved should watch to see which direction Monday brings. New traders should curb their enthusiasm since smart money has been in US Tungsten stock for a month already.

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