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VLNX, VLNX scam, VLNX stockXyster; an instrument for scraping bones. That’s exactly what Tim was warning about when traders threw money at Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) yesterday like drunken sailors in Tijuana. When the plan is to trade an Awesome Penny Stocks alert as soon as you see the banner on their site, tens of millions of dollars went into the flusher on VLNX stock without following the plan. Instead, traders didn’t get screwed, they got skinned alive all the way down to the bone.

What about the piggyback riders that jumped on the alerts and sent them to all their subscribers? Sending them into a pit of burning plasma so they could ride the coat tails of Awesome Penny Stocks for a stat.

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VLNX scamVLNX Stock Chart

Close: 0.1343
Open: 0.27
Dollar Volume: $11,112,993

Thursday Stats
Open: 0.135
High: 0.394
Dollar Volume: $89,322,621

One things few readers know is that Tim prides himself on saving traders from making costly mistakes as much as finding the right penny stocks to trade. Two days, over $100 million and how much of that went to gains? If you timed yesterday perfectly, you doubled your money. But when the word is spoken from the powers that be, everyone acts like a bunch of kids with extra pocket change in a cafeteria bake sale. Translation: Pigs get Slaughtered.

I’m not trying to kick a dead cat with a pair of stilletos, but Tim adamantly fought yesterday to get the message across. Instead he was called an idiot, fool, always wrong, and even, moron by deadjim. But where are the haters now? You would have better investing in a date with “Octomom,” Nadya Suleman, for $2,500 and selling the story to the tabloids rather than sticking money into VLNX.

Look at the list of culprits that were involved with leading the lambs to slaughter. Few have sent out anything to advise against or even write something for their readers to inform them against throwing good money to the wolves.

Advised against VLNX yesterday: AimHighProfits and OTCMagic.

Alerted on VLNX yesterday other than the APS family: (that we know of)

OTC Fire

Who knows penny stocks?

About VLNX Stock

Bottom Line: Thanks to Becky for letting us use her image to describe Vision Plasma Systems. We at AimHighProfits are extremely sympathetic to all who fell victim to the penny stock alerts issued on VLNX and for the message board pumpers who only fueled the issue. Losing money sucks. You push you own buy buttons but you do it when you can be sure. Without a banner on the APS site, its all just another scam with their name attached.

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