VLNX Stock Tops The Charts And Turns Japanese For MoMo

Tops in Dollar Volume, Trades and coming in just under the podium stand at 4th in Share Volume, Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (VLNX) spanked it today. Located in the exact same office space that Harry Lappa used to pace around frantically while his penny stock was headed towards the stratosphere, VLNX stock followed suit closing at 0.2944, up 125.93% with $89,322,621 in dollar volume, 308,266,651 in share volume, and 8,876 executed trades.

VLNX stock was the one to buy between 9:30 and 9:33, and again between 10:04 and 10:08. Other than that, the pre-alert promotion just turned out to be a VLNX scam for those who paid for it. Let’s see how the news from the Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup Efforts helps to push the stock Friday.

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VLNX Stock Chart

Close: 0.2944
Open: 0.135
High: 0.394
Maximum Gains: 191.85%
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 375,148,786
Float: 100,015,556

Traders were flaunting how they made millions today and tens of hundred of thousands and Bugatti Veyrons were on order to be shipped along with Kim Kardashian and a jar of Grey Poupon atop the passenger side window awaited them. Ugh-Ugh-BullSpit-Ugh. With a maximum gain from strength-to-strength of 191.85%, you had to have dropped $200K to walk out with a half a mil if you timed it right. And by looking at the chart, no one after 9:31am was able to pull that off.

Within minutes after the close, the Company announced an agreement from Cell Runner Inc. of Japan was signed to buy 2 of the Company’s Arc Master I Units. These two units are said to be used to remediate over 5,000 hazmat suits used daily by cleanup crews working in the Fukushima Nuclear Facility, at a cost of $5.8 Million per unit.

So do the math, the Company has $0 on June 30, 2012, and assets (sometimes referred to as inventory) worth $375,149 is now selling two $5.8 million dollar pieces of machinery to solve a problem that occurred a year ago that hasn’t already been capitalized on by a major conglomerate like Haliburton? If VLNX says so, then it must be true.  (see here)

About VLNX Stock

I read this article a while back, that said that Facebook employs more millionaire spammers than any other company in the world. They took stock options over carpal tunnel insurance premiums. It was a good move. I remember there was this picture, of one of the janitors next to his medicinal marijuana vending machine. Blew my mind. You see stuff like that, and it just plants seeds, makes you think its possible, even easy.

And then you open your emails, and there’s just more of it. The $772 Million Clotamin pump and dump, that kid penny stock trader that just made $10 million on his last short sale, that Awesome Penny Stocks promotion stock that shot through the roof, you could have made millions if you had just gotten in early, and that’s exactly what everyone wanted to do: get in.

The Notorious BIG said it best: “Either you’re slingin’ crack-rock, or you’ve got a wicked jump-shot.” Nobody wants to work for it anymore. There’s no honor in taking that after school job at Chick-Fil-A, honor’s in the dollar, kid. So today, you go the white boy way of slinging crack-rock: Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (VLNXand pray to whoever your preferred icon of worships is that it mimics North Springs Resources (NSRS).

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks and we have some serious doubts that this is the real deal from APS. Only time will tell.

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