What In The Facebook Yahoo Is Bizzingo (BIZZ) Up To?

Remember when it was cool to be on Facebook (FB)?Yeah, neither do we. Bizzingo Inc. (OTC: BIZZ), a “new” global social media company, has developed Bizzingo.com as a unified social network designed especially for businesses. Although shares of Bizzingo’s BIZZ stock are already trading ($0.14), consider this the pre-IPO launch since bizzingo.com is set to launch in the next few weeks. Long speculators looking at the amazing executive team the Company has been putting together with former AOL and Yahoo! Executives will see massive gains.

Facebook was never designed for businesses, it was adapted. Bizzingo could be Zuckerberg’s worst nightmare come to life – a chance to conduct business on a social site, devoid of personal networking clutter.

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BIZZ Stock Chart

Market Cap: 12.06M
52-Week High
(Jul 15, 2011): 0.79
52-Week Low
(Mar 12, 2012): 0.08

10-Day Moving Avg: 0.1562
50-Day Moving Avg: 0.2507
200-Day Moving Avg: 0.2295

Avg Vol (3 month): 130,373
Avg Vol (10 day): 183,213
Shares Outstanding5: 86.17M
Float: 55.63M

Personally, We are not Facebook lovers. We use it for business, but refuse to purchase the typical “Facebook Likes Package” that everyone does since we find it a waste of time. So, perhaps Bizzingo.com’s social networking approach to B2B could bring the best aspects of Facebook and AliBaba.com together in a better format than LinkedIn. They plan do to so by having employed BPG Worldwide, an award-winning Internet software development firm.

About BPG Worldwide

Silicon Valley–based BPG is known worldwide for their Internet development services with awards including the Emmy, Clio and the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences new Global Media Award. Their clients include will.i.am’s social network Dipdive, the Black Eyed Peas, AppNation Conferences, numerous international brands, Fortune 1000 companies, and national and regional advertising and PR firms.

The BIZZ Executive Team 

Bizzingo has been busy putting together a team of professionals who have proven track records in their respective fields. Since March, they’ve added:

Joe Theismann, former quarterback for the Washington redskins, NFL Hall of Fame Member and current ABC Monday Football commentator, as a celebrity endorser
Anna Seibert, a former AOL, Yahoo!, and SocialVibe Executive, as advertising strategist
Elliot Stein, Jr.,  a Director of Apollo Investment Corp. (Nasdaq: AINV) since 2004, was elected to the Board of Directors
Ephraim Lindenbaum, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, founder and managing director of Advance Ventures, was elected to the Board of Directors

Those are the additions Bizzingo’s Chairman, President and CEO Douglas Toth has put together since he took over the Company from Gordon Samson on August 9, 2011. (see here).  Needless to say, both of these men have had a checkered past in the securities industry, although Samson more so than Toth.

Translation: Risk of Dilution

Recently, the Company acquired the mobile platform and intellectual property of IntroMe, Inc.  (see here). This acquisition is expected to allow bizzingo users the ability to remotely meet, engage, and follow-up with their business connections.

About BIZZ Stock

Bizzingo is a global social media company that has developed Bizzingo.com as a unified social network designed especially for businesses. Bizzingo.com will provide a channel to negotiate transactions devoid of personal networking clutter. As the first true business-to-business social platform, the Company also is designed to allow businesses a way to find each other by keyword and view promotional information, as well as synchronously communicate with their users. The Company’s profiling system will create one of the most detailed business databases in the world, delivering targeted search engine results.

The initial Bizzingo network will include 15.3 million business profiles licensed from third party content providers and enhanced by the Bizzingo development team.

To view the SEC filings for BIZZ, click here. To register to be notified of the launch of Bizzingo, visit: www.bizzingo.com.

Bottom Line: BIZZ needs to be on the list of penny stocks to watch immediately. The stock price is very near to its short-term low, 0.12, and not far off its 52-week low, 0.08. We know the company has a top-notch PR firm behind their campaign which is an added bonus to future gains.

If BIZZ can pull off their plan, that database of clients alone would be worth an enormous amount of money. Between now and the launch of bizzingo.com, it would be a good time to take a flier on BIZZ and buy before the launch to sell into the hype-wave.

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