Winds of Change: Cyclone Power Technologies’ CYPW Stock

Its always impressive when a Company is presented awards for their technological inventions, benefits to the environment, or just the typical best and fastest in the world type achievements. However, awards don’t pay the bills which is what Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (CYPW) has been having to do for nearly a decade now. CYPW stock price has traded within the same range for nearly three years now other than a spike in March, 2011 when the shares went from a dime to nearly 50 cents. Pressure has been looming as the Company continues to advance themselves further while they strive for their most important achievement: Booking Revenues.

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CYPW Stock Chart

Market Cap: 34.35M
52 Week High
(Jul 29, 2011): 0.3899
52 Week Low
(May 17, 2012): 0.13

Shares Outstanding 221.64M
a/o Jun 30, 2011
Float: 47.65M

Although Cyclone Power Technologies has been leaking money like the Titanic leaked water, it has surprisingly stayed afloat for what appears to be their turning point. In a letter addressed to shareholders  (see here) dated May 22nd,  Harry Schoell, Chairman & CEO of Cyclone Power Technologies, stated that at least $350,000 in revenue would be booked in Q2 2012. WoooooHooooooo!

Harry also stated that the goal of the Company was to never to have another reporting period without generating revenues. Furthermore, the Company announced on June 4th that it had fulfilled its contract with Raytheon Co. (NYSE: RTN) subsidiary Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems . The Company delivered two Cyclone MR-36 Engines which were received and accepted by the Raytheon subsidiary.

Another announcement came last week (see here) when CYPW stated that they had officially been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense as the prime contractor under their engine development program with the U.S. Army / Tank Command (TACOM). The Company first acquired this contract which is valued at approximately $1.4 million from Advent Power Systems in February 2012. The contract amount is said to be distributed to Cyclone Power over the next 12 months based on certain development milestones.

About CYPW Stock

Cyclone Power Technologies is an innovative engineering firm focused on developing environmentally-friendly power sources for the future. Specifically, the Company has developed and patented the Cyclone Engine, an award-wining thermal engine that we believe is powerful and versatile enough for applications ranging from electric power generation from solar collectors, industrial waste heat and biomass, to all forms of land and sea transportation.

To view the SEC filings for CYPW, click here. For more information on Cyclone Power Technologies or the Cyclone Engine, visit

Bottom Line: These types of penny stocks, like CYPW,that have more love invested in them than money from the shareholders tend to do very well for traders. Rarely is a longtime shareholder willing to part with a 30-40% gain on his monies when he/she truly believes that this technology is a game changer. Add CYPW to the list of penny stocks to set up for swing trades to play press release bingo with.

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