WNYN | Warp 9 Goes Warp Speed For 10 Whole Minutes

WNYN Stock, Warp 9, Warp9, PennyStockAlerts, PennyStockAlerts.comOn Thursday, traders witnessed that, even though its a new month, the same old, cookie cutter results came from the penny stock alerts on Warp 9 Inc. (WNYN). Gapping huge on the open, peaking 10 minutes later only to flutter like a pigeon with a broken wing, WNYN stock actually provided gains for the Psycho buyers of shares over the last 6 months when the average volume was 15,439. Since there must still be some shares which weren’t able to get passed on to those with empty bags, day two coverage begins for the social media company which isn’t really all that bad.

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WNYN Stock, Warp 9, Warp9, PennyStockAlerts, PennyStockAlerts.comWNYN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 3.75M
Close: 0.039, up 0.0325 (500.00%)
Volume: 17,597,426
Dollar Volume: $670,462
High: 0.0694
Low: 0.012
Trades: 1,155
Average Trade Size: 15,235
Authorized: 495,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 96,135,126

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Other than the fact that the “Psycho” alerts are all the exact same whereby unless you got in and out within the first 5-10 minutes, you aren’t getting anything other an a flat-line trading session and a “red” trading session for day two. However, seeing as how the coverage appears to be continuing, maybe those who jumped into WNYN stock on Thursday might see a chance to get out with only the costs of their trades as their “out of pocket.”

It’s too bad really because Warp 9 isn’t a bad Company really. Sure mobile applications are popping up everywhere like weeds on a South Florida lawn, but this one isn’t so new. The Company recently filed their 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2012. For the 12 months, Warp 9 had similar numbers compared to the same period the year prior:

  • Revenues: $906,964 versus $936,639
  • Costs Of Revenues: $158,284 versus $110,263
  • Gross Profit: $748,680 versus $826,376

The 354 WNYN shareholders of record as of June 30, 2012 are loving this since the PPS never broke past 0.026 in the last year plus (see chart here). Unfortunately, the new shareholders from yesterday may have to wait longer to see it hit 0.02 if they decide to hold WNYN stock past today’s closing bell.

About WNYN Stock

Warp 9 Inc. is a provider of e-commerce software platforms and services for the retail and catalog industries. The Company’s suite of software platforms are designed to help multi-channel retailers maximize the Internet channel by applying our technologies for e-commerce, online catalogs, e-mail marketing campaigns, and interactive visual merchandising.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WNYN.

Bottom Line: WNYN gets a rare second day of coverage for the penny stock alerts Psycho which may allow anyone who bought after 9:40am Thursday to get out with lesser losses than expected. Keep a close eye on WNYN stock at the open but smash your finger in your desk drawer every time you consider buying it long today.

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