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WSTV Stock, $WSTV, #WSTV, Dean Law Corp., World Stevia Corp., Quinn Ryan LouieNew penny stocks which have yet to see their first trading session are a favorite of many who track the OTC and consistently make good money. While trading may or may not take place today, the newly created World Stevia Corp. (WSTV) is surely one that should be on the radar screen. With a fresh face at the helm, a familiar face behind the paper work, and a sector which has put up some decent short term runs when organized correctly, missing out on WSTV stock might be worse than having gotten into PacWest Equities (PWEI) yesterday.

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WSTV, WSTV Stock, WSTV Stock Quote, $WSTV, #WSTV, Dean Law Corp., World Stevia Corp., Quinn Ryan Louie, new penny stocks to watchWSTV Stock Quote

Market Cap: N/A
Last: N/A
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 125,000,000
Quinn Ryan Louie: 75,000,000

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Prior to changing their name to World Stevia Corp., Yong Ok Cho, with the legal assistance of the Dean Law Corp., was hoping to open a string of massage clinics targeted towards men and women in the Carson, California area who were in need of a happy-ending after the urban grind and a place to refresh and renew. Since Flow Tech Solutions unfortunately failed to come about (revenues for the year ended April 30, 2013, and April 30, 2012 were $0 and $0, respectively), In walks Quinn Ryan Louie, a graduate of the Forestry Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1995, who will now be pushing ahead with the current business plan:

We will be an innovative stevia agro-business company with the strategy to rapidly scale and expertise to deliver positive returns for investors, and be a positive force for change in both the communities we work in and the stevia industry on the whole.

Immediately upon taking over as the sole director of what is now World Stevia Corp., Louie applied for the ticker symbol change from FWTS to WSTV and effectuated a 5-for-1 forward split. Prior to the split, Yong Ok Cho owned 15,000,000 of the 25,000,000 shares issued and outstanding with the remaining 10,000,000 shares having been issued to:

350,000 to each of the following:

    • Arturo Aranjuez
    • Carmelita Torres
    • Eduardo Blanco
    • Elaine Aymes Ordonez
    • Gionda Udtog
    • Gloria Aranjuez
    • Herminigildo Torres
    • John Christian Torres
    • Jovielyn Aranjuez
    • Lorenza Torres
    • Manolito Torres
    • Ronilo Cruz
    • Michael Cominguez
    • Philip Cominguez
    • Wilfredo Cabaobao Jr
    • Zamora Lasam
    • Jesus Cominguez Jr
    • Ralph Vidal
    • Joel Mangelen
    • Elmo Mangindalat

200,000 to the following:

    • Severino Sarigumba Jr
    • Rosendo Eltagon Jr
    • Fatima Mama
    • Maligayak Udtog
    • Norodin Dimapalao
    • Michael Manalo
    • Rogelio Siaotong Jr
    • Maricel Lleva
    • Monica Andes
    • Melody Buena
    • Rubidina Magpayo
    • Grathel Morados
    • Alberto Ordanel
    • Omar Maquiling
    • Amina Sambolawan

Now beneficial owners of 50,000,000 shares of WSTV stock, the list of obvious Filipinos are certainly not going to those who are cultivating profits when World Stevia Corp. hits the promotional circuit. Will WSTV be promoted one of these days? Just have a look at who else Dean Law Corp. is affiliated to right now:

  • Berkshire Homes, Inc.  (BKSH)
  • Bluforest Inc.  (BLUF)
  • Cannabis Science, Inc.  (CBIS)
  • Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp.  (GFOO)
  • Georgetown Corp. (GTCP)
  • Golden Star Enterprises Ltd. (GSPT)
  • Legacy Platinum Group Inc.  (LWSP)
  • mCig, Inc.  (LTCHD – soon to be MCIG)


It doesn’t take a rocket science to see the winners listed up there for those who got in early. However, as history has proven, 2 of the 4 “stevia” focused penny stocks (STEV, STVF, GSTV, and STNT) proved to be big winners which kinda forces you to keep a close eye on the developments and inaugural trade of WSTV.

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About WSTV Stock

World Stevia Corp. is a development stage, agricultural/biotechnology company focusing on the cultivation and harvest of stevia leaf and the development of stevia products.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WSTV.
Click here to view the website for World Stevia

Bottom Line:

WSTV should be on your radar screens and tracked as soon as the first shares of the penny stock have been traded. While STVF and STEV proved to be big-money, triple-digit winners, GSTV and STNT were 2 “throwing money out the window” stocks. The share structure of WSTV stock and design of the company’s website have all the tell-tale signs of being an ready-to-be-pumped stock.

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