WTER | The Alkaline Water Is Flowing, But Can You Drink It?

GAENTopping out at 0.62 last week, the waters are churning on the penny stock of The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER). With a $3 million hard mailer due to make its way to mailboxes across the U.S., WTER stock saw not only its tide rise as volume surpassed 1 million shares last week, but also its first pull back from its first run. Drawing comparisons to the celebrity built AQUAhydrate on their paper pumping could easily land this new promo on the list of penny stocks to soon be suspended by the SEC.

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WTER Stock Quote

Market Cap: 40.87M
Friday Close: 0.51 ▼ -0.04 (-7.27%)
Dollar Volume: $580,575
Open: 0.5675
High: 0.57
Low: 0.46
Trades: 372
Authorized: 1,125,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 79,387,175
Insiders: 43,000,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 77.34%
1st Resistance Point: 0.5667
1st Support Level: 0.4567

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After announcing a showing at the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing sponsored Snack, Beverage & Grocery National Retail Marketing Trade Show July 29-31, in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Alkaline Water Company turned it up a notch, announcing on Thursday of last week an agreement with 3 leading retail chains in Southern California.

Kind of like how Bebida Beverage Co. (BBDA) has distribution deals every month which are supposed to grab market share and increase shareholder value over time, the deal in So. Cal. apparently signals the acceleration of the Company’s ongoing national expansion program and introduction of Alkaline84 into the rapidly growing health conscious Hispanic consumer marketplace.

Health Conscious Hispanic marketplace? Try Miami if you think that’s whose going to fork out cash for your safer than safe to drink water.

Nevertheless, the pump officially was turned on last week for WTER stock with the last 2 sessions trading over 1 million shares. With very few front loaders to have gotten in when WTER was trading as GAEND prior to the effectuation of the 15-for-1 stock split in May, the waterfall and whitewater swing riding this week will be a cool way to see a promo go from the low 40’s to eclipsing a $1.

About WTER Stock

The Alkaline Water Corp. is engaged in the business of producing, marketing and distributing alkaline water.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WTER.
Click here to view the website for Alkaline84.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/09/13 0.5100 -0.0400 -7.27% 1,139,500
08/08/13 0.5500 +0.0500 +10.00% 1,947,600
08/07/13 0.5000 +0.0300 +6.38% 543,400
08/06/13 0.4700 +0.0001 +0.02% 79,000
08/05/13 0.4699 -0.0001 -0.02% 52,500


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Bottom Line:

Crash helmets are highly recommended for those looking to take a dip in the WTER. With the who’s of who’s knowing what it means for a $3 million hard mailer campaign to soon be hitting the streets, the heat is on which means WTER will only stay wet until they have been delivered. Penny stock traders will want to keep one eye on the list of Trade Halts issued by the SEC once the PPS gets up in the $1 range.

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