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XTRN Stock, Las Vegas Railway ExpressOn September 28th, Las Vegas Railway Express Inc. (XTRN) is holding their annual shareholders meeting with updates of their plan becoming a reality. XTRN stock is not heavily traded in the penny share market, but with everything that has been transpiring recently, investors, not traders, may want to have a closer look. With agreements in place on shuttling passengers via luxury rail transit to the adult playground of the Vegas strip, the Company soon be a “Warren Buffett type” investment.

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XTRN, XTRN Stock, Las Vegas Railway ExpressXTRN Stock Chart

Close: 0.17, down 0.005 (2.86%)
Volume: 22,000
Trades: 4
Average Trade Size: 5,500

52 Week High:  0.21
52 Week Low:  0.06

Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 124,257,025

30 Day Percent Change: 142.86%
30 Day Moving Average: 0.1383
30 Day Average Volume: 60,293

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Earlier this year, the Nevada Department of Transportation gave a public “thumbs up” for the “X” Train project after railroad companies, Amtrak, governmental transportation agencies and private project parties. The support is a “deal maker” for the development company since an estimated $35 million in financing will be necessary to make the concept a reality.

Since the support from the NDOT in March, Las Vegas Railway Express has signed a MOU with The Plaza Hotel & Casino on the Vegas strip for 3,100 square feet of space to be used for terminal operations withan additional 1,900 square feet for food preparation. (see here) The deal calls for no monthly rent payments for the first 12 months of the lease. Paired with the pre-existing MOU the Company signed with Amtrak in 2009 and the pending agreement with the City of Fullerton and this luxury passenger train service is inching closer to screaming out “All Aboard!”

In recent weeks, the stock price of XTRN has jumped from under a dime to over 20 cents with high volume days in the 200,000 shares traded range. During the time of this price increase, the Company has signed both the award winning engineering firm, Walker Engineering, LLC for the development of their Las Vegas station as well as Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects as the chief architectural design firm for the Las Vegas terminal facility as well as the interior design concepts for the passenger cars. Also, R&O Construction, a national general contractor firm, was hired as the general contractor for the X Train’s Las Vegas Station.

In comparison, Amtrak’s Los Angeles terminal was the 5th busiest station in the national Amtrak System in 2011. Among other departures, Amtrak’s The Southwest Chief departs daily for the Los Angeles-Albuquerque-Chicago route. XTRN‘s “X” Train would be a direct, non-stop, luxury voyage from Los Angeles to Las Vegas which no other rail service offers. At present, Amtrak works with Key Holidays, a tour operator, to operate “Fun Trains” and “Snow Trains,” which are special trains that carry thousands of passengers from the Bay Area to Reno.

There has been no regular passenger rail service between these two demographic areas for 13 years. Furthermore, the only major highway between L.A. and Vegas is Interstate 15 where over 12 million people travel from L.A. to Vegas and back every year. At $99.00 for a one-way ticket to ride a non-stop luxury train that is inclusive of food and drops you off at the Plaza Hotel on the strip, there is no way Vegas hoteliers do not knock each other out of the way to make this train a reality.

About XTRN Stock

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. is focused on establishing a rail passenger train service between Las Vegas and Los Angeles using existing railroad lines currently utilized by two Class I railroads, Burlington Northern and Union Pacific. The development concept is to provide a Las Vegas style experience on the train, the “X” Train, which would traverse the planned route in approximately 5 hours. The plan is to operate a single travel route marketed primarily to a leisure traveler from the Southern California basin thus enabling the Company to sell rail travel as a stand-alone operation with hotel rooms and other travel related services.

Click here to view the SEC filings for XTRN.

Bottom Line: Long and strong is the way to approach the penny stock of Las Vegas Railway Express, XTRN. With an investment philosophy equal to that of Soupman Inc. (SOUP) investors, XTRN stock, although the shareholders meeting is still weeks away, is worth taking a good, long look at. Lest we forget, Warren Buffett made his billions in railroads, although it was mainly from freight.

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