XUII | APS Is Fighting For Xumanii’s Right To Party Some More

XUII Stock, OTC XUII, PINK XUII, XUII scam, XUII stock, Xumanii Inc., Xumanii Stock,One week after the Awesome Penny Stocks banners were pulled and quickly returned at the top of their DeGroupa Tenner Morales Media run websites, Xumanii Inc. (XUII) has done just what was expected. Traders who were positioned for losses after the online live content streamer dropped from its 0.438 high had a very rare opportunity to see an exit above 0.30 on Friday after the further details of the upcoming “Mac Miller” performance were revealed. Citing a quick follow up to the PR which helped XUII stock return to the 30’s, it looks as if APS is trying to do their part to reimburse traders in the red due to their nefarious schemes.

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Market Cap: 98.98M
Friday Close: 0.29 ▲ +0.017 (+6.23%)
Volume: 4,409,600
Open: 0.283
High: 0.31
Low: 0.276
14-Day Rel Strength: 56.44%
14-Day Stochastic: 89.36%
1st Resistance Point: 0.308
2nd Resistance Point: 0.326
1st Support Level: 0.274
2nd Support Level: 0.258

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Despite APS and their affiliates pushing out alerts daily last week which included phony analyst projections of outrageous price targets like $2 per share for XUII, as well as the latest “everything seems to indicated that XUII could break its previous high of 44 cents this week and move towards the dollar mark”, it’s pretty obvious that volume is no where near what a high-profiled penny stock having just doubled in 2 weeks would normally see.

Far from the typical $5 and $10 million dollars in volume, much of which is thanks to cross trading to help boost the exposure, pessimism is still outweighing optimism when it comes to going “all in” on this recent recovery. Many a burnt investor already said to themselves that “XUII and I stock will never ever get back together” and for good reason too.

Whether or not any form of revenues can be booked by Xumanii from their “extremely low production cost” or procedures to implement web based flash & HTML5 players to accept multiple ads from corporate sponsors for their next live broadcast, negative press is far more revealing than any positive spin the Company is throwing out making this SHORT trading week appears destined for the final curtain on XUII stock.

About XUII Stock

Xumanii, Inc. is a development stage company planning to broadcast live events in HD from multiple cameras, wirelessly, with an extremely low production cost as a Pay-Per-View model, generating revenues from consumers directly or as a “FREE” content model, generating revenues from advertisement, product placements and sponsorship.

Click here to view the SEC filings for XUII.
Click here to view the website for Xumanii.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/28/13 0.2900 +0.0170 +6.23% 4,409,600
06/27/13 0.2730 +0.0031 +1.15% 5,193,200
06/26/13 0.2699 +0.0039 +1.47% 6,261,100
06/25/13 0.2660 +0.0210 +8.57% 5,715,100
06/24/13 0.2450 +0.0325 +15.29% 5,100,100


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Bottom Line:

It’s been a good 8 or 9 trading sessions for XUII and anyone who was able to get in on the “banner pull low” of 0.151 should be counting their blessings APS kept up their end of the bargain. Having seen 3 high profiled penny stocks get their tickers suspended over the past month or so, POLR, BIZM and NORX, the survival of XUII stock this far truly is Awesome.

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