XUII | Bye Golly, Has Xumanii Stock Finally Run Out Of Gas?

XUII Stock, OTC XUII, PINK XUII, XUII scam, XUII stock, Xumanii Inc., Xumanii Stock,The helium tanks appear to be empty after Awesome Penny Stocks and their affiliates at Victory Mark spent nearly 3 months pumping Xumanii (XUII), aka Medora Corp. (for whatever that needs to be added for). Promising $1, $1.50, $2 and even $5 a share, XUII stock blew its load when shares hit 0.754 back on Tuesday of this week. Whether or not Mac Miller’s Space Migration Tour is a hit or not, the top traded OTC stock is being led into an abyss only veteran traders know how to manage: Run for your life like you’re on fire with the po-po chasing you!

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 12:30PM Friday

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
XUII 0.271 -30.78% 6,758,585 22,090,469 3,082
SOUL 1.42 +24.56% 3,227,263 2,427,445 1,353
ARTH 0.61 -10.29% 1,633,641 2,498,519 1,021
AFFY 1.458 +9.62% 2,861,268 1,988,546 1,014
FNMA 1.55 +1.31% 7,764,783 4,976,426 975
AAMRQ 5.78 +0.52% 21,236,242 3,706,672 694
NVIV 5.15 -6.12% 2,564,295 499,996 619
FMCC 1.45 +1.40% 2,503,068 1,715,383 472
KVPHQ 0.49 +11.36% 1,222,969 2,616,070 438
NVLX 0.172 -0.58% 602,931 3,440,432 430

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It was May 1 when Awesome Penny Stocks’ affiliates, Victory Mark, came out with XUII as their new pick. Two weeks later, on May 13, APS joined the party reviving a dead pick and teaming up to clear all the myths of whether APS and the VM crew were really one in the same.

From what started out with Akon and is ending up with Mac Miller, Xumanii really never stood a chance being clobbered out the gate for spam emailing their subscriber list. However, pushing through like only APS can do on a long winded, cricket game like play, XUII stock hung in there for almost 3 entire months without getting suspended by FINRA.

Now that the luster and magic dust have worn off and XUII stock is down -64.06% from Tuesday’s high and it doesn’t look like support can hold this together through another weekend, what is the likely scenario for XUII stock heading into the close and Monday? It rhymes with pink (as pictured).

About XUII Stock

Xumanii, Inc. is a development stage company planning to broadcast live events in HD from multiple cameras, wirelessly, with an extremely low production cost as a Pay-Per-View model, generating revenues from consumers directly or as a “FREE” content model, generating revenues from advertisement, product placements and sponsorship.

Click here to view the SEC filings for XUII.
Click here to view the website for Xumanii.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
07/25/13 0.3915 -0.0735 -15.81% 22,830,201
07/24/13 0.4650 +0.0929 +24.97% 31,009,699
07/23/13 0.3721 -0.2929 -44.05% 65,863,000
07/22/13 0.6650 +0.1350 +25.47% 28,745,102
07/19/13 0.4400 +0.0430 +10.78% 18,698,748


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Bottom Line:

XUII had a huge comeback from its lows of .122 and .151 back in June to throw up gains of up to 518% or 399% from them, respectively. With all hope not yet out the window since Awesome Penny Stocks is still flying their XUII stock pick banner on their website as of midday, its not until they pull it after 4PM EST today that the entire weekend will be destroyed for those still holding bags.

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