XUII | It Finally Looks Like Xumanii Is Nearing The End

The week surely started off as every penny stock trader could have hoped for with a flurry of green overwhelming the OTC’s most actively traded stocks. APS backed up their promise of making sure money was going to be made off their Xumanii (XUII) pump while speculators who thought they were burned on the LiquidMetal Technologies Inc. (LQMT) rumors got a safe passage back towards their entry points from last week. With some much needed positive momentum to start the week, it’s hard to be an active trader and not have seen double-digit gains on more than one of the penny stocks you owned heading into today.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
XUII 0.663 +25.47% 17,575,492 28,745,148 5,789
FNMA 1.60 +14.18% 54,920,332 35,709,723 4,406
LQMT 0.181 +40.00% 8,803,066 49,242,119 3,354
AAMRQ 5.28 -3.47% 32,054,004 6,035,452 2,025
FMCC 1.47 +13.08% 18,158,300 12,867,687 1,886
NVIV 5.65 +3.28% 8,962,474 1,540,750 1,475
TCPS 0.045 +50.50% 815,254 20,005,247 1,068
CTIX 2.20 -2.25% 3,243,913 1,443,119 922
ARTH 0.50 +4.60% 973,180 1,910,395 677
HRTPY 0.353 -26.46% 1,046,957 2,891,306 614

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Awesome Penny Stocks and crew promised their subscribers gains on Xumanii’s XUII and, unlike before, actually delivered. Since declaring that XUII stock would hit $1 or they would retire from being the biggest penny stock promoters the OTC has at present, shares have risen from the low .30’s, gaining well over 100% in the past 2 weeks.

Today’s session was the biggest one-day gaining session XUII has seen in weeks after PR was issued stating ValueRich Research released an initial coverage report on Xumanii, Inc. (XUII) with a Strong Long-Term Buy Rating. The 14-Day RSI is 79.16% and the 14-Day Stochastic is 95.07%. You don’t need to see some random report from a group created to get newbie penny stock traders to buy into the concept to know that XUII is bullish right now.

Following up to what exploded volume and PPS on LiquidMetal Technologies’ LQMT, Business Insider issued an article on Sunday which shed the best light out there as to what really is happening between the Company and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Speculating that, not a new iPhone, but instead the iWatch which is due to come out in the next couple of years, is really what the tech giant could be using the technology they paid a one-time fee in 2010.

The recent patent filing which links the two companies together is most likely a preemptive move to protect against the plethora of wearable tech that is due to hit the market in advance of the proposed iWatch. Although it really doesn’t appear that any further revenues will come to LQMT if their tech is actually used for the proposed gadget, having its name and ticker symbol in the spotlight across the nation is bringing in some dumb money which savvy traders are flipping towards.

Besides these 2, the housing monsters Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still up there in the top 5 traded swinging their big ticks around for some huge volume. Following close behind is the enormous people mover of American Airlines which, still since their high .20’s, low .30’s levels from we were screaming for traders to buy, is keeping that $5 level in tact.

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Bottom Line:

Psycho’s PWEB didn’t make it into the top 10 penny stocks traded today, but it did end up closing just inches above the open (a level which no one was able to purchase at), and neither did our pick, One World Holdings (OWOO), but at least our’s closed up 50% from the open and looks to be on track to hit that .03 number we talked about. Look for this to be the last week of hearing about XUII stock and it’s trip towards $5, $2, or even $1. The sudden push is an obvious indication that the pump is running out of lubrication and not-so-savvy traders are going to soon take the dry run and bear it.

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