XUII | Virtual Support Futile At Keeping Xumanii Stock Alive

XUII Stock, OTC XUII, PINK XUII, XUII scam, XUII stock, Xumanii Inc., Xumanii Stock,The support is still there from a web point of view, but the belief that AwesomePennyStocks’ pump on the penny stock of Xumanii Inc. (XUII) can rebound is not. Falling far from the promised land of $4 promised at the beginning of their campaign, XUII stock hasn’t had the juice former APS picks once showed up until the day they pull the virtual plug on their support. “Trading at a bargain” just days after announcing French Montana signed a 2 year deal, this is looking more and more like French Toast which, if you ever dropped it on the floor, you know doesn’t bounce well.

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Market Cap: Going Down
Last: 0.145 ▼ -0.0515 (-26.21%)
Volume: 12,061,900
Dollar Volume: $1,768,119
Open: 0.182
High: 0.189
Low: 0.122
Trades: 1,217
1st Support Level: 0.1157
2nd Support Level: 0.0853
14-Day Rel Strength: 43.02%
14-Day Stochastic: 8.05%

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Ever since Xumanii came on to the spotlight with APS’ sister sites, operated by Victory Mark, XUII has been 10X more hype than its performance has proven. Currently trading at below the original alert price of 0.17, is there really anything that can keep XUII stock from becoming the most embarrassing alert ever issued by APS since they fleeced $80 million with their VLNX scam last August?

Alerts today after the opening bell included the following:

Institutional investors are scooping every shares possible and a major bounce will happen in the near term.

We believe XUII could start moving up very rapidly and members that are buying here could be greatly rewarded.

Make sure to watch the newswire as we expect Xumanii to announce more major updates soon. With many artists still signing up on the way, XUII could surprise the market with more superstars about to jump on board.

If you can’t get hype off all the other stars already mentioned in the daily alerts issued over the past 4 weeks, and the mention that Barclays has some involvement with the earlier accumulation XUII stock saw weeks ago, chances are you aren’t going to make fresh bread out of french toast. Time to put a fork in this one APS and just move on.

About XUII Stock

Xumanii, Inc. is a development stage company planning to broadcast live events in HD from multiple cameras, wirelessly, with an extremely low production cost as a Pay-Per-View model, generating revenues from consumers directly or as a “FREE” content model, generating revenues from advertisement, product placements and sponsorship.

Click here to view the SEC filings for XUII.
Click here to view the website for Xumanii.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/10/13 0.1965 -0.0615 -23.84% 17,782,600
06/07/13 0.2580 -0.0170 -6.18% 3,449,200
06/06/13 0.2750 +0.0305 +12.47% 8,072,500
06/05/13 0.2445 -0.0566 -18.80% 11,492,899
06/04/13 0.3010 +0.0060 +2.07% 7,171,868


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Bottom Line:

Time to move on from this penny stock has clearly passed. Wait for the bounce on XUII stock at or around 0.05 later this week or next when the plug finally gets pulled.

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