YFRM | YaFarm And ISCI Still Riding The Bull Exchange Bounce

YFRM Stock, YFRM.PK, OTC YFRM, YaFarm Technologies Inc., YFRM scam, YFRM stock scamWhen the Bull Exchange penny stock alerts hit on February 5 that pink sheet listed YaFarm Technologies Inc. (YFRM), a website developer, had entered into and signed a definitive agreement with The Integrative Stem Cell Institute (ISCI), it was smart to be a skeptic. Shares of YFRM stock went red for the next two trading sessions hitting as low as 0.09 causing many who sat out the alert play to think they made the right decision. Yet, with announcement after announcement coming out at the same time as the PED scandal which is now rocking MLB, who would have thunk that a 200% plus gain would have been waiting to get injected into their portfolios?

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Market Cap: 10.76M
Last: 0.2690  0.004 (1.51%)
Volume: 2,318,709
Dollar Volume: $595,325
Open: 0.273
High: 0.276
Low: 0.23
Trades: 437

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The story line of YaFarm Technologies has stretched over the last week to its ultimate limit. At first it was the agreement to acquire the cell-based regenerative medicine pioneers whose world-class medical facility and state-of-the-art laboratory allows for ISCI to conduct investigational treatments to patients as part of clinical studies, while providing long-term follow up to advance these promising therapies.

Since then, the original agreement put them into a position to announce a second agreement with the Hospital Galenia in Cancun to provide stem cell treatments at the medical center. It went further to state that ISCI had appointed several physicians within Galenia to serve as faculty. Amazing feat for a Company that was just weeks ago a focused web development and web hosting firm with no operating activities for the three months ended September 30, 2012 and just $1,051 in the bank.

One would imagine that if a state of the art stem cell research firm like ISCI was to reverse merge into a publicly traded shell corp., the likelihood of them doing so with an SEC filer quoted on the OTCQB and not the PinkSheets would be wise. Instead, YFRM stock traders who believe the hype and are riding this bull long shall eventually get bucked-off after the 8 seconds (8 trading sessions) buzzer rings.

The latest news of a global physician’s network to connect international patients to local physicians and to link physicians to opportunities for education training and collaboration in regenerative medicine can mean only one thing: no more story line.

Looking back the the original PR, it is clear what motives are behind the YFRM stock awareness campaign. Why else would a Company close out its announcement with “YaFarm Technologies currently has 49,857,368 shares issued and outstanding. Of the issued and outstanding, the current public float is 17,908,975 and 31,948,393 shares are restricted.”

About YFRM Stock

YaFarm Technologies, Inc., operating as The Integrative Stem Cell Institute (ISCI), claims to be a premier provider of point-of-care, stem cell-based therapies for patients from around the world. Click here to view the financial filings for YFRM on OTCMarkets, here to review our initial coverage and thoughts.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/14/13 0.2690 +0.0040 +1.51% 2,318,700
02/13/13 0.2650 +0.0790 +42.47% 4,439,000
02/12/13 0.1860 +0.0120 +6.90% 2,018,000
02/11/13 0.1740 +0.0440 +33.85% 1,947,500
02/08/13 0.1300 +0.0180 +16.07% 1,395,100


Bottom Line: This week has so far shown some steady momentum for YFRM and even got it listed on the top 20 penny stocks traded for Thursday. With Valentines Day now over with, the love for YFRM stock could also be over leaving those who believe the costs of running a stem cell research, world-class medical facility and state-of-the-art laboratory would reverse into a pinksheet web developer shell brokenhearted.

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