ACCS | Is African Copper The Next Awesome “Pumpen” Stock?

ACCS Stock, ACCS Stock Quote, ACCS Stock Review, African Copper CorporationToday is the official launch date of what already appears to be AwesomePennyStocks’ new penny stock alert of the month: African Copper Corporation (OTC: ACCS). Changing their name and ticker from the Carrillo Huettel, LLP incubated New York Tutor Company (NWYT), ACCS stock is already being sent out as the newest stock penny pick from the groups German affiliate site, Listed already on the Berlin Stock Exchange as N3T, those following the instructions from yesterday’s “Our Next Big Pick – Read Now!” alert could miss the boat on what is likely to be the last pump and dump by APS until August/September.

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Market Cap: 324.00M
Last: 0.40 ▲ +0.1018 (+34.14%)
Volume: 87,000
Dollar Volume: $34,635
Open: 0.40
High: 0.40
Low: 0.40
Trades: 16
Authorized: 950 million
Issued and Outstanding: 190 million
Andrew Stone: 100 million

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African Copper Corp. is one of the few remaining Carrillo Huettel, LLP created shell corps leading many to automatically believe that it is a prime candidate to be chosen by Awesome Penny Stocks and their affiliate sites as the next penny stock pick released. Many remember this time last year when APS announced on Great Wall Builders (GWBU) at around the $1 when it had already been running for nearly 2 weeks from 0.40.

Although African Copper’s website is still nothing more than a large jpeg image, email alerts have already been disseminating on their stock to those subscribed to APS’s German language site, Yesterday’s email alert, when translated, read something like this:

The most interesting companies in the copper raw material field could be that of African Copper Corporation. Their properties are located near the mines of Discovery Metals Ltd.. which has been in production since 2012 and is valued at $800 million.

There could not be a better time for a small-cap company like African Copper Corporation (SYMBOL: N3T Berlin).

Originally, New York Tutor Company was founded by Professor Mark Simon to offer tutoring services in New York City. Simon was the original owner of 4.5 million shares of NWYT stock until mid-December, 2012 when they effectuated a 160-for-1 forward stock split.

Prior to the FSS, on September 6, 2012, the then New York Tutor Company issued 562,500 pre-split shares of what is now ACCS stock at $0.08 per share, $45,000. This is how the Company was able to report having $30,035 in cash as of January 31, 2013.

The 160-for-1 stock split increased the total issued and outstanding shares from 5,062,500 (4,500,000 which were owned by Simon and the 562,500 sold for $0.08 each) to 810,000,000. After some paperwork and transferring the ownership of the Company and Simon’s shares to the new South African owner for a $9,300 promissory note, 620,000,000 of the 720,000,000 shares acquired were returned to the Company’s treasury.

Those 562,500 shares that were sold for $45,000 are now 90,000,000 and the cost basis on them is a whopping $0.0005. After Monday’s close, assuming they were not sold yet, are valued at $36,000,000. Not a bad deal for APS insiders.

Now African Copper Corp. and run by South African Citizen Andrew Stone, President, CEO, Acting CFO, the exploration stage company has not only not established any proven or probable reserves on our mineral property interests, but has no money either to even attempt to do any mining.

One month ago, African Copper acquired property from Guerrero Exploration, Inc., which, through its locally wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the legal and beneficial owner of the Property located in northwestern Botswana, Africa. For $850,000, with only a $80,600 non-refundable deposit actually having been paid upon receipt of registerable claim transfer documentation, the Company now has something to pump.

So, as they say in German, “Fick dich ins Knie, du Arschloch!“, ACCS stock is officially being pumped to the krauts and could be the pick every “I don’t trade penny stocks, I only play the promos” OTC trader has been waiting for.

What’s puzzling is why all of the APS sites issued their teaser yesterday and tried to tell people they might not be able to sign up for their paid service because its full is beyond us. Other than another VLNX at the end of the summer, maybe the endgame when the SEC, FBI and Interpol get hot on their heels is to make one last move by blasting every paid subscriber’s account with charges from or for one last hoorah.

About ACCS Stock

African Copper Corporation is an exploration stage enterprise engaged in the business of exploration of precious metals with a focus on the exploration and development of copper and other precious metals deposits in northwestern Botswana, Africa.

Ground Floor, Liesbeek House, River Park, Gloucester Road,
Mowbray, Cape Town 7700 South Africa
+27 (0)21 680 5207

Click here to view the SEC filings for ACCS.
Click here to view the website for African Copper.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/06/13 0.4000 +0.1018 +34.14% 87,000
05/03/13 0.2982 +0.0032 +1.08% 155,500
05/02/13 0.2950 +0.0150 +5.36% 240,000
05/01/13 0.2800 unch unch 50,000
04/30/13 0.2800 -0.0500 -15.15% 260,500


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Bottom Line:

ACCS stock needs to be on the list of penny stocks to watch. Trades and traders have already been able to get a piece of the action and will likely be the few front-runners to play the last not-so-hot penny stock pick of AwesomePennyStocks before they go for their summer hibernation. If ACCS stock follows the same path as GWBU, which is what it appears to be doing, then we can all wait for another VLNX money grab to come when the hibernation period ends in August/September.

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