Anticipation Increasing For 3D Pioneer Systems (DPSM)

DPSM Stock, 3D Pioneer Systems Inc., 3D Pioneer, DPSM scam, 3D Printer StocksTime is closing in on the penny stock of 3D Pioneer Systems, Inc. (DPSM) for it’s long anticipated pony ride to begin and the breakout surge to follow.  Shares of DPSM stock have been quietly cross trading in the 0.45 range while the parties that are going to be selling into the 3d printer hype have all been issued their shares.  With news today of the Company’s new King Tut themed game ready to tease the audience of things to come, all that traders really want to do is to GOFF at the first sign of alerts so that they can be assured the games have begun and start planning their summer holidays to visit Marbella, Spain.

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Market Cap: 34.21M
Last: 0.45 ▲ +0.009 (+2.04%)
Volume: 235,439
Dollar Volume: $105,948
Open: 0.425
High: 0.45
Low: 0.421
Trades: 32
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 76,032,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 64.95%
1st Resistance Point: 0.4597
1st Support Level: 0.4307

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Way back in November, right before everyone was getting ready to sit down to a big fat turkey dinner, we initiated coverage on 3D Pioneer Systems after their name and ticker symbol change from Mobile Gaming International Corp. (MBGI).  Back then, there was nothing to them except for the weird connection that Iris Hill who began the Company used to be the part-time administrator for Gary O’Flynn who was the head of Awesome Penny Stocks’ Golden Glory Resources (GOFF) up until the week before they pumped it because he was arrested on conspiracy of murder charges.

Lots have changed since that coverage and, from the looks of it, 3D Pioneer Systems might just be able to do what Makism 3D Corp., Inc. (MDDD) failed to do:  Be a UK based 3D printer focused start up, pump your stock through the appropriate channels, and, most importantly, not get your stock suspended by the SEC for sending out hard mailers.

Check out this mini-mercial promoting what 3D Pioneer Systems’ “Wyatt” printer will be able to do:

The share distribution and structure has been slightly altered since their 10-Q filing on December 23rd.  One of the events was from last week when CEO and director Alex Tsingos agreed to cancel 7,000,000 shares of DPSM stock owned directly by him in exchange of the Transfer and Assignment of Intellectual Property agreement Mark Flores Martin and Pencil Pig Ltd. entered into for the right, title and interest in an internet game entitled Tangled Tut.  Martin received the 7,000,000 shares of DPSM that Tsingos cancelled.

Considering how ridiculous Flappy Birds got after just a week, speculating how big the King Tut themed game allows for unlimited potential.  The game, still in development stages, is a physics puzzler mobile game which is expected to be released for use on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

The storyline calls for King Tut has been rudely awakened in his temple after being asleep for 3,000 years only to seek revenge on the ones who awoke him.  Players will be forced to help King Tut, along with his illuminated flying bat Madu, by using his bandages to swing from platform to platform, picking up objects along the way for extra points, and solving brain-teasing dilemmas, all in an effort to escape from the temple.

If the game comes out to be anything like the website for 3D Pioneer Systems, looking like $1,000,000 in and of itself the way it’s creatively designed to detail how successful this start up Company is going to be, DPSM is going to be a home run.  Any novice investor who is directed to it is sure to wind up salivating within seconds while trying to get their trading screens open to purchase shares of DPSM stock, regardless of the share price.

The leap of faith will come with it’s own inherent risk.  As you can see from our initial coverage of DPSM stock here, since inception to October 31, 2013, and retroactively adjusted to give effect to the 16 for 1 forward split effectuated October 29, 2013, 3D Pioneer Systems has issued the following amount of shares:

· During the period ended July 31, 2008, 32,000 common shares to an officer and director at $0.000625 per share for $20;
· During the year ended July 31, 2012, 32,000,000 common shares to officers and a director at $0.000625 per share for $20,000; and
· During the year ended July 31, 2013, 44,000,000 common shares to unaffiliated investors at $0.000625 per share for $27,500.

While as of December 20, 2013 there were 76,032,000 shares of DPSM stock issued and outstanding, 32,032,000 of which are deemed owned by officers and a director of the Company, on January 30, 2014, the Company received a subscription from a Non-U.S. Person for $20,000 and issued 57,143 shares of restricted DPSM stock, valued at $0.35 per share.  At 0.45, DPSM stock is a bargain, but with ties indirectly direct to APS’s old GOFF stock pump, are the glossy rainbowish colors simply there just to tease you?

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About DPSM Stock

3D Pioneer Systems, Inc. is a development stage, diversified technology company focused on delivering true plug and play 3d printers and printer applications that are designed to simplify the creative process and be accessible to a broad audience of consumers around the world.

Click here to view the SEC filings for DPSM.
Click here to view the website for 3D Pioneer.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/27/14 0.4250 0.4500 0.4210 0.4500 +0.0090 +2.04% 235,400
02/25/14 0.4500 0.4600 0.4410 0.4410 +0.0009 +0.20% 209,300
02/24/14 0.4650 0.4650 0.4352 0.4401 -0.0249 -5.35% 10,000
02/21/14 0.5000 0.5000 0.4650 0.4650 -0.0340 -6.81% 12,200
02/20/14 0.4900 0.5000 0.4650 0.4990 -0.0010 -0.20% 116,900


Bottom Line:

The penny stock alerts are sure to begin circulating once March is here and DPSM stock looks like it has everything it needs to be an easy $1 or better ticker.  The seasoned veterans that helped to get DPSM up and running are sure to treat this pony ride like a stallion crossing the Sahara desert with trinkets of gold and silver lining the saddlebags.  The momentum should intensify as $1 approaches making early entrants the real winners of what looks like it could be APS’ revenge on getting shut down.

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