When Does The 3D Pioneer Systems (DPSM) Pump Start?

DPSMFor those of you who were around back in the day when you could rely on Awesome Penny Stocks to throw a ticker at you which could bring 200% or 300% gains for those willing to tough out the dips, this fresh ticker might just wet your whistle a bit. After splitting 16-for-1 last month and bringing in the sole director from New America Energy Corp. (NECA), Alexandros Tsingos, to be their HNIC, prepare yourselves for the Costa-del-Crime based 3D Pioneer Systems Inc. (DPSM) to show up in your inbox one of these days. Set forth on making a smartphone app called Quickprescribe the way in which electronic prescription will be passed, you shouldn’t have to GOFF up too much for a share whenever DPSM stock eventually turns on the pump.

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DPSM Stock Quote

Last: N/A
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 76,032,000
Alexandros Tsingos: 32,032,000

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Hailing form Marbella, Spain, one of the most beautiful and criminally connected beaches in the world, Iris Hill and Francis Ciganek started up a Company in September, 2012, called Mobile Gaming International Corp. (MBGI) with the legal assistance of Michael J. Morrison, Esq. It was meant to do exactly what the newly named 3D Pioneer Systems Inc. is intent on doing (at least as far as we can tell so far) which is to raise enough capital to implement their business plan of putting together an app similar to what RcopiaMini by DrFirst and mRx by Happtique offer for digital prescription filling.

Sounds good, but, unless you’re addicted to vicodin or suffer from a severe case of penny stock alzheimers, the lay out and lack of separation from some shaddy co-conspirators will have you missing the plot when the villains enter the room.

Effective November 4, Alexandros Tsingos became the sole director of 3D Pioneer Systems by purchasing 2,002,000 pre-split shares of DPSM stock from Iris Hill and Francis Ciganek for $20,000. This was a weird move to say the least because Tsingos did a pretty piss-poor job as the sole director of New America Energy Corp. when you consider that they have yet to book one penny in revenues since they started in 2006 and their NECA stock has seen its share price drop -74.60% since the start of the year.

However, the move is an improvement for investor confidence who are going to think DPSM is the holy grail of penny stocks since Iris Hill is no longer the President, CEO and CFO of 3D Pioneer Systems. Iris, although she has been studying for her Masters in Forensic Medical Sciences at Queen Mary University in London, England since 2009, she used to be a part-time administrator at Gary O’Flynn Solicitors in Blackpool, Cork City, Ireland.

If you recall, Gary O’Flynn was the sole director of Goff Corp. (GOFF) which Awesome Penny Stocks change to Golden Glory Resources and pumped just a few days after Gary was brought up on charges for trying to have 3 people murdered. The story of the murder-for-hire and prior drunk driving arrest are so colorful that they make the crack smoking Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, look like a choir boy.

We could go even deeper into the previous affiliations Francis Ciganek had with APS while working as the Banquet Manager at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC or a butler at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, but there really is no need. With 44,000,000 shares of DPSM stock sold for $0.000625 per share between July 2012 and July 2013, knowing that an alert is coming in the not-so-distant future is enough. Knowing it’s likely to be halted soon after is even better knowledge.

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About DPSM Stock

3D Pioneer Systems, Inc. is a developmental stage company and plans to operate as a smartphone software application developer and marketer.

Click here to view the SEC filings for DPSM.
Click here to view the website for 3D Pioneer Systems.

Bottom Line:

The days of Awesome Penny Stocks may be gone forever, but the connections with the shadows of penny stocks like DPSM are likely to keep coming out throughout 2014 and maybe even 2015. Wherever even a fraction of a connection can be made, especially with a typical file an S-1, base yourself out of some distant overseas location, split your stock after selling tons of it to your controlled market makers, and then change puppets, you can assure yourself that DPSM stock is going to break some wallets.

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