BMMCF | Kbridge Energy Corp. Stock Goes Gangnam Style

StockMister, FoxPennyStocks, JoePennyStocks, Kbridge Energy Corp.,BMMCF stock Thanks to Mister and friends, the penny stock of Kbridge Energy Corp. (BMMCF) got nearly as many hits today as Psy’s Gangnam Style got on Youtube during it’s debut. With a float thinner than a napkin with a trading history to match, BMMCF stock could have seen the biggest one-day percentage gain of any OTC listed stock this year. Calling this Korean focused natural resource development company a “sexy lady” is a bit of an understatement as the hottest of the top 10 penny stocks traded will be forcing a short-squeeze like never before come tomorrow’s opening bell.

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Market Cap: 9.15M
Last: 0.635 ▲ +0.6348 (+317,400.00%)
Volume: 1,857,741
Dollar Volume: $929,345
Open: 0.02
High: 0.945
Low: 0.02
Trades: 1,026
Authorized: Unlimited
Issued and Outstanding: 14,522,727
1st Resistance Point: 1.0173
1st Support Level: 0.0923

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Rarely ever does a penny stock that isn’t a defaulted filer or pinksheet lister ever put up intra-day gains of 4-digits let alone 6. But when you see how vulnerable KBridge Energy Corp.’s BMMCF stock was, having traded only one time prior to today (July 24: 2,300 shares @ 0.0002), it was a smooth move to put this one on the alert list to make up for those who followed them yesterday and took one on the CIHN.

Not only KBridge Energy a natural resource sector bridge gapper, but they already have introducing Korean Electric Power Corporation to Strathmore Minerals Corp. on their resume after assisting the companies to enter into a definitive agreement on February 1, 2012. The deal was for a phased joint venture development of STM’s Gas Hills, Wyoming uranium properties.

Even better, have a look at what amount of BMMCF stock is available:

Of the 14,522,727 issued and outstanding shares of BMMCF stock, as of December 31, 2012, Jai Woo Lee of Korea owned 6,821,674 (46.97%), Yun Kwan Choi, also of Korea, owned 2,000,000 (13.77%) and Kwon Jung Soo of, you guessed it – Korea, owned 2,000,000 (13.77%).

What is left is 3,701,053, more than half of which traded today as high as 0.945. That’s a gain of 472,400% from the one day it traded, 4,625% from the open.

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About BMMCF Stock

KBridge Energy Corp. is a development stage company focused on facilitating global resource developers with investments from Korean companies in the energy/resource sector.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BMMCF.

BMMCF Trading History:

Date Last Change Volume
07/24/13 0.0002 unch unch 2,300


Bottom Line:

By the time he market closes today, the sun still won’t be up in Korea and those who are investors in this penny stock could wind up trading in their Kia’s for Benz’s rather than go to work Wednesday. OTC traders know that a short-squeeze is in the making for BMMCF stock tomorrow which could force the PPS back above today’s HOD and offer up 80% or better gains for those who missed out.

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