CGLD | Colorado Gold Mines Reverses Its Failed Pattern

Top 10 Penny StocksThe week is starting out like a high school reunion of sorts with some old faces reappearing riding in on some bling alerts after being kept in the closet for a couple of months. 30 minutes in and APS’ Goff Corporation (GOFF) is most definitely the most popular of OTC stocks to trade as it embarks on its journey towards the $1 ceiling the group’s picks have had a tough time breaking past. Beyond Awesome Penny Stocks, a tone of green is flowing, including Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN).

With the power of psychosis, the penny stock of Colorado Gold Mines, Inc. (CGLD) is finally doing something no other force has been able to accomplish yet this year – make it trade green. While the Psycho pattern is likely to copy itself to CGLD stock, trading flat for the remainder of the session before turning red on Tuesday, the majority of traders are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the confirmed pick from SMA which rhymes with Pitooey! to be announced later this week.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 10AM EST

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
GOFF 0.6049 +3.37% 3,599,997 5,728,762 1,025
FNMA 0.9025 +3.46% 4,588,222 5,119,040 828
GNIN 1.34 +16.52% 2,932,415 2,266,063 613
CGLD 0.055 +49.05% 513,575 10,099,354 453
REDG 0.0225 +54.11% 239,984 10,939,436 380
FMCC 0.874 +3.19% 1,730,690 2,009,666 344
AAMRQ 3.45 +1.47% 2,679,927 777,529 212
SKTO 0.034 -18.07% 108,249 2,991,383 198
CCRY 0.0021 +31.25% 101,280 50,484,233 196
TALN 0.1175 +90.44% 139,052 1,114,578 189

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CGLD Stock ChartColorado Gold Mines joins an elite group – the top traded OTC stocks. Trading off of momentum built up from their fall from a 0.285 high in March, news of an extension for payment for their leased agreement on the Keeno Strike Gold and Silver Property was granted – a 30 day extension. Not sure how much this can really help the inadequately funded gold miner to advance its plans, but CGLD stock is trading much better today than in previous sessions that’s for sure.

The sentiment around the OTC is still waiting for an announcement from SMA of their newest pick. One traders who thinks he is higher than all the rest of you seems to believe that covering Pitooey! Inc. (PTOO) too early is detrimental to the performance expected to come. The compliment comes with little regard since tens of thousands are made by traders who follow and haters are always gonna hate – especially when they didn’t get the chance to front load and need to line up like the rest of the world.

PTOO stock may or may not be the pick. Until its live, its all about being the best speculator.

About CGLD Stock

Colorado Gold Mines, Inc. is in the exploration stage and is in the process of exploring and evaluating its mineral properties and determining whether they contain ore reserves that are economically recoverable.

Click here to view the SEC filings for CGLD.
Click here to view the website for Colorado Gold Mines.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/05/13 0.0369 +0.0019 +5.43% 264,900
04/04/13 0.0350 +0.0005 +1.45% 35,800
04/03/13 0.0345 unch unch 458,700
04/02/13 0.0345 unch unch 20,900
04/01/13 0.0345 -0.00350 -9.21% 47,405


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Bottom Line:

The top three penny stocks traded, as of 10AM today, will remain in the top 10 traded all week making them great targets for swing traders looking for day trade ideas. As for the other 7, FMCC and AAMRQ are likely to remain as well, but the other 5 are just keeping the seats warm as the game of the week has yet to be released and fresh tickers are still gasping to break out of their dormancy.

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