CHLO | China Logistics Group Is A Bag Of Untapped Fortunes

CHLO stock, OTC CHLO, China Logistics Group Inc., Shandong Jiajia, If by now you haven’t been informed about the penny stock of China Logistics Group, Inc. (OTC:CHLO), chances are you live in a cave or under a rock somewhere. Alerts are flowing out on CHLO stock faster than the phrase “Fiscal Cliff” was being used during the month of December on any media outlet you turned to. With a ridiculous amount of cash as of their last Q filing and revenues booked throughout the first nine months that were higher then the money traded on the top 5 penny stocks from Friday, you can bet your bottom dollar that Monday is going to be one hot trading session for the China freight forwarder.

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Market Cap: 112.07K
Last: 0.0027 -0.0003 (-10.00%)
Volume: 124,606
Dollar Volume: $338
Open: 0.003
High: 0.003
Low: 0.0027
Trades: 4
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 41,508,203
14-Day Rel Strength: 39.81%
14-Day Stochastic: 4.44%

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There is no news out nor has there been in at least the last year via any of the PR newswires. While the SEC filings are current and up to date, the latest news on the China Logistic Group’s website is from Marketwire, June 3, 2010. Not a very encouraging indicator from a Company which is booking over $20 million a year in revenues for the last 3 years.

The play on CHLO stock won’t be the $2,194,936 in cash on hand the Company had as of September 30, 2012. It won’t be from the $2,293,000 of accounts receivable they had either. It won’t be from the $6,486 gross profit generated from the $6,349,846  in sales from Q3 or the $1,234,983 gross profit generated from the $17,917,318 in sales booked from the first nine months of 2012. It won’t even be from the $201,028 net income booked for the first nine months of 2012.

The play on CHLO stock for Monday will be shear momentum. According to the last 13-D filing from November of 2011, China Discovery Investors, Ltd., Marc Siegel, and Richard J. Church are the insiders who own(ed)  3,183,346, 3,183,346, and 1,670,000, respectively. With just 41.5 million shares outstanding, assuming these insiders still hold these 8.0 million shares, the float would be around 33.5 million, $90,450 worth of CHLO stock. That much in dollar volume will likely be surpassed before 10AM rolls around on Monday with the potential for a long list of bag holders set for the close if the momentum dies out at any point in the session.

About CHLO Stock

China Logistics Group, Inc., through their subsidiary, Shandong Jiajia, acts as an agent for international freight and shipping companies by selling cargo space and arranging international transportation via land, maritime, and air routes primarily for clients seeking to export goods from China. Click here to view the SEC filings for CHLO.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/04/13 0.0027 -0.0003 -10.00% 124,600
01/03/13 0.0030 unch unch 70,500
12/31/12 0.0030 -0.0006 -16.67% 10,600
12/28/12 0.0036 -0.0004 -10.00% 440,400
12/27/12 0.0040 unch unch 3,100,000


Bottom Line: CHLO should be at the top of you list of penny stocks to day trade for Monday with expectations of a huge gap open, increasing the risk immensely. The coverage CHLO stock is getting is so massive for a day which is set to have a number of fresh alerts competing for tapped out market could be cause for a huge gap open, the size of the South China Sea. Even with the amazing financial numbers backing up China Logistics Group, its hard to think that another chance to ride a wave may ever come again for those who are thinking to go long. Translation: Flip It If They Dip It!

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