Could Our Global Gaming Network GBGM Stock Alert Break $1?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! If you wanted the best penny stocks, we issued our alert of Global Gaming Network, Inc. (Pinksheets: GBGM) without fear of recourse over the weekend. We knew the stock would run giving everyone ample opportunity to research it rather than this hyped-up style of “catch my next breaking alert at 9:30” BS. You had GBGM on Saturday and if you traded it at the open, there was no “huge gap” and emails have already come in from people who got GBGM at under 0.40 today.

VIP Members knew about GBGM at 0.20 on Friday

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Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GBGM 0.46 +48.39% 4,214,701 9,636,513 1,480

Bottom Line: GBGM will lead the list of penny stocks in dollar volume, trades and momentum going in to Tuesday. GBGM has already produced over 150% gains for the VIP members who found out about it on Friday at 0.20.

Like we said before and will say again: We Know Penny Stocks! You have no choice but to either trade GBGM or watch it but the reality of it here.

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And Remember to Always:

  • Do Your Own Research.
  • Trade Responsibly.
  • Verify Everything.
  • Move Fast or Get Left Behind.
  • Do not Use Market Orders to Enter a Position, Use Limit Orders.
  • Have a System That fits You.
  • If a Stock Gaps Open, Look for Pullbacks to Enter.
  • Plan a Trade and Trade a Plan.
  • Always Use Stop Loss Orders to Protect Yourself.
  • Positive Attitude / Positive Self- Belief.
  • Keep Penny Stock Trading as Part of a Balanced life.
  • If a Stock Breaks Below Our Alert Price GET OUT. Do not wait.
  • View Trading as a Score in Points and Not In Money:
  • Always Take Your Profits Whenever You Can. Do Not Be Greedy.
  • Work Hard at Learning How to Trade Properly and Keep Working.
  • Do Something to make Someone Else’s Life Better Today.

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